Malone Business

How does technology serve business? AWS from amazon is a business solution. If I want to use it as a tech person first I need to learn how it works. I will chronicle my experience in a cloud blog at

Future of Animation and web design

I would like to start producing animated shorts based on html and web technologies. I am looking to find people will strong animation skills to help me produce such works. If possible I would like to hire talented artists and programmers to help make full animated series. I would also like to build a physical studio either in Tacoma, Bellevue, or Seattle. I like to give back to the community.

It seems that the current tools for making content are dwarfed by the tools for consuming it. I am frustrated with my video and image capabilities and am looking into making enterprise solutions to solve this. I want to be able to easily navigate from web to text to mutlimedia seemlessing across all platform. There are no current solutions.

I want to make full length animations using svg but the experience has been frustrating just getting simple pictures to post. I am going to have to recruit more talent to help me. I will use what is availible on the market now but eventually to build my own tools to create my own creative works. This comines backend programming with frontend. I am a control freak and want to ensure that I have full control over all aspects of production from design to implementation.

This requires building a complete set of custom tools from scratch and revolutionizing programming. I need my own operating system, suite of tools, and font set. From a-z I need in house solutions. I could use golang until I have my own language as it may be quicker to code than c++.

I need the following:

I need to build high tech work stations for producing content and then expand into smaller versions for public consumption.
I would advise blacks to learn software creation and art as modern media depends mostly on digital delivery systems.
Learning computer skills raises your literacy and increases the control you have over your art.
It is simply not good enough to just make art. In the future whoever can deliver it through harnessing digital delivery
systems will dominate media industries.

If I can build the tools neccassary I can build better products. This ties into themes of dominating media and empire building. So I would like to start a software company that uses custom designs and bespoke software to effect solutions. I want a streamlined package so that I am responsible for making sure everything works how it should. I do not want lame electronics that promise much but fail to deliver. There is a void between developers, programmers, adminstrators, vendors, and the public. I know how to build a company that bridges these problems and others that mainstream industry has vastly overlooked. I can build better products that people want and makers would like making. This is garunteed to be profitable.

I would think that old people would be to burnt out to learn new skills and that digital progress will fall on the shoulders of the younger generation. However without the older generation improving their understanding of technology the young people will not feel inspired to learn themselves. I am looking to hire more black programmers as I feel there is a lack of them in the world. Blacks who are currently not interested in technology who do more for themselves if they had a stake in their own future survival. Without understanding technoloy you become subject to being left out and victimized. Definitely learn programming and help me build better products. It represents a good hobby and career. Personally without blacks to hire I have to hire just anybody and that prevents them from working on projects they are more interested in. It hurts them and it hurts blacks.

All programming and hardware skills are valuable so learn as much as you can. Sign up for coding classes online and start free accounts at coding sites like Buy kits for raspberry pi that teach simple and complex embedded langauges like ardiuno and others. This is used for drones, home automation, security, jacking, and the aerospace and automobile industry. Python is easy and c++ is hard children and complete beginners should start at the rasberry home page. More advanced users can buy kits from amazon for $40-200. Basically they are small computers that provide a gentle introdution into programming and assembling small electronics like smart phones and other electronic toys.