Malone Firearms

In 2006 I was planning a career in firearm manufacturing. I was targeted by police and masons and framed for domestic violence. I had to wait three years under I could get my firearm rights restored. I am not sure if that is even legal.I was told to petition the court and pay a fee of $240. At the clerk desk they refused to except my payment and denied me my rights to petition the court. This happened in Pierce County Courthouse on Tacoma Avenue. This city is corrupt and racist. The workers there are black homosexuals. Bobby Fischer was right. It is all the fault of the gays and the Jews. So I have been defenseless and harassed every day since them being threatened with harm. I will never as a Black man vote for Democrats or Jews again. They are the ones who run urban cities and force communism and crime and poverty onto the black community. They are the ones who are the police who arrest all the blacks. They are racist. They are the reason that blacks fail academically, they are blacklisted and bullied and expelled. The teachers are all masonic and out to get them. Teachers use various tactics to discriminate them and force them out and then lie and say blacks were too stupid or dropped out to sell drugs. It is a scam. It is a violation of civil rights.

An actual question on quora:Does an individual have a right to carry a handgun for self defense? Why or why not?

Yes an individual has a right to own guns for self defense as well as mere ownership without giving a stated reason for said ownership.

If you do not own a gun then you are a slave. I am African American and detest slavery. So without a gun I feel like I am being enslaved by whites, Jews, Liberals, Californians, Masons, law enforcement, politicians, and the media. They are supposed to listen to the will of the people and respect of sovereignty of an individual. It even says so in the UN charter and the 2nd amendment guarantees this right.

Anti gun measures are illegal and equal to treason. It is the systematic denial of rights in the form of gun control for the purposes of creating artificial barriers to success and the stigmatization of of people they deem undesirable. In essence creating a second class citizenry which by definition goes against the premise of Democracy as defined as freedom. Arguing for gun control therefore is tantamount to arguing for Jim Crow laws.

Jim Crow laws institute laws aimed at the harassment of African Americans and sometimes other ethic groups. Fact is after the constitution was written, laws were written in this country for the sole purposes finding what was the accepted conventions for a given race or group of people then outlaw those customs to make life harder for them so that they would fail and become marginalized.

There are a lot of things wrong with thing country and I have suffered more than most and find political debate and university level instruction to be severely lacking when it comes to understanding the importance of issues and how the current system fails on every level.

People do not under stand any notion of truth or even basic decency. They need someone or some book to tell them how things are and hope that the book is accurate and then hope to have a clue. Mostly the educated classes do not understand the problems faced by the suffering and do not know how to serve them.

They only serve themselves. They mistakenly show arrogance at every turn insisting that it is within their means to benefit the suffering, due to some nonexistent superiority they claim to have (whether due to education, employment, background, membership in a club, or simply being told it enough they believed it), but they simply due not care and are deliberately withing the relief or aid needed. But they actually do not understand true suffering so they do not understand true relief.

Opening the doors to a lifestyle dictated by one group with vast different social and political ideologies than other does not help the group being offered membership. It is simply recruiting for more people follow their power structure with them as the sole architects. They have zero interest in diversity. They are interested in claiming diversity by finding weak people from another background to join them and in the process cause the new members to lose their sense of individuality and diversity.

Truly diversity is divisive. They do not want diversity they want the illusion of diversity. I could go on, the problem is complex and I am well versed in it.

Government does not grant rights. God does not grant rights. Only an individual grants rights to themself. This is not taught, enforced, or learned in any public discussions so they are of little value to a fair and duly informed public society.

Under the constitution people are allowed guns as it does not take freedom away from another individual. There is no honest rebuttal against this fact.

Honestly your question is fucking retarded.

Let’s say you where walking down the street with a backpack. Then Someone walks up and opens your bag and says,” you do not have the right to own this”.

It does not matter who they are they do not have the right to deprive you from your property even if they were a cop or a liberal. It would not matter if it was a notebook or a gun and they thought you were going to do a mass shooting.

Owning personal property does not infringe other individuals their rights. Therefore it is beyond the anyone to suggest that it is okay to confiscate property because they are a fascist. Calling casual fascism democracy is not honest, it is Orwellian doublespeak.