Malone Firearms

In 2006 I was planning a career in firearm manufacturing. I was targeted by police and masons and framed for domestic violence. I had to wait three years under I could get my firearm rights restored. I am not sure if that is even legal.I was told to petition the court and pay a fee of $240. At the clerk desk they refused to except my payment and denied me my rights to petition the court. This happened in Pierce County Courthouse on Tacoma Avenue. This city is corrupt and racist. The workers there are black homosexuals. Bobby Fischer was right. It is all the fault of the gays and the Jews. So I have been defenseless and harassed every day since them being threatened with harm. I will never as a Black man vote for Democrats or Jews again. They are the ones who run urban cities and force communism and crime and poverty onto the black community. They are the ones who are the police who arrest all the blacks. They are racist. They are the reason that blacks fail academically, they are blacklisted and bullied and expelled. The teachers are all masonic and out to get them. Teachers use various tactics to discriminate them and force them out and then lie and say blacks were too stupid or dropped out to sell drugs. It is a scam. It is a violation of civil rights.