Malone Philosophy

This is my journal where I put my personal writing and notes. Contained below are appropriate links to related matter.

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  • My Basic journey into philosophy got serious in 2005. It was in that year I felt a need to formalize my beliefs into a distinct set separate from others. The point is not to sound smart but create a style that will endure for centuries. I present my most vital aspects. I have not studied the great philosophers of history and as such am not greatly influenced by their works. In some ways I hold disdain for those that study at the best schools only to absorb knowledge rather than create it. When education and book reading becomes mere rote memorization then people lose the ability to create information and are simply consumers of it. While knowing the classics is good for being a follower I focus on teaching people to be leaders.

    Over the past 15 years many authors have published works plagiarizing my style never citing me as a reference. While originally unaffected I viewed this to be success because my views and ideas where shaping the world around me. At the time I had limited resources and it would have been hard for me to reach large audiences. Despite a general feeling by those in the know that stealing my ideas was paramount to violating my intellectual property, especially by those doing it, to much surprise I was not angry or dismayed by this phenomenon. On the contrary I had intended for my world view to be free source and available to anyone who could benefit from it. I was more interested in engineering society than wealth creation. Once you know the secrets of wealth then money is easy to achieve.

    People who were not loyal to my beliefs yet were promoting them motivated purely by commercialization or to make it clear that they were stealing my ideas. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this. Some Felt it was totally wrong and that I was being exploited. Others did it deliberately to entice me into producing more work and being more public. Some honest individuals had a conflict of morals because they were unsure what was appropriate use of my "brand". I had made many talks and disclosed a lot of information. My style was unique and began to be copied by entertainers and lay people alike. It influenced art and other creative works finding it's way into American popular culture. I used many references in a way people were not used to and made connections that most people either didn't or at least did not publicly disclose their findings. I used a tone and method of speech that still has not been copied. As one writer put it," A strange quiet voice shattering the darkness..."¹ ( I don't remember exactly how she said it...she was an art type...more into poetry than me).

    What bothered me was when attempts to force my hand or manipulate my style was made. People tried to use my influence to promote their own agendas. I was marginalized, my words twisted and there were even those that tried to tell me I was imitating others when I was the original author! The last one was really a shock. I am known for being resolute in my stance so if someone truly knew me how could they say I was the copycat? I had been saying and promoting the same themes years before imitators came onto the scene. Some people wanted to use my ideology in there creative works but were worried about licensing issues. Since it benefited me to use them as a proxy to promote my ideas I did not mind. Even those that were trying to attack me by stealing my ideas were working for me and pushing risky unconventional views points into the mainstream. If there was any heat to bear it would fall on them not me. They had to put up their own money and risk public harassment if things went south. This was strategic on my part and very Machiavellian.

    What is philosophy?

    Philosophy is your world view or belief system. Studying philosophy helps an individual understand themselves better which ultimately leads to making better decisions. Without philosophy people are victim to other prevailing views and do not have a way to determine truth for themselves. Therefore philosophy is logic based and counter to emotional systems or systems of thought that deal with placing value on feeling over value of knowing. In the precartesian world the common view on identity was that a person existed because of the way they feel. This is best described as I am because I feel With the arrival of Rene Descarte the founder of modern linear algebra this expression shifted to "I think therefore I am". It was he who coined this phase,"cognito ergo sum". This represented a phenomenal leap in human understanding. So powerful was this breakthrough it has endured for centuries often quoted through various film and media but never really understanding the source or the core of it's development and meaning. The reasoning behind it's genius was the fact that it employed reasoning to begin with. This stands in stark contrast to thinking with emotion or socalled emotional intelligence. Authors of the millennial era who ascribe to this incorrect world view confuse compassion and the need or want of emotional comfort with science and logic. This unforgivable oversight leads to rolling back human understanding to precartiesian levels which is lamentable and woeful.

    Malone Philosophy Key points

  • The meaning of life is procreation for the sake of procreation, there is no god.
  • Alternatively, life is meaningless and has no point.
  • The two points above are depressing. The rememdy is organized religion. It gives hope to the weak.

  • Hope is a dirty four letter word. Luck and intelligence are better tools for success. Hope is for the stupid, lazy, and weak.
  • Train to be smart, industrious, and strong. It is better than the alternative.
  • People can achieve anything through using logic to solve problems. This is a logic based philosophy system.
  • At what point does one fight? Always. This is a fighting based philosophy. We ask how to fight not when.
  • Since the beginning of man life has been a constant fight for survival. Train to increase your chances. Do not waste time and be idle.
  • The only point of school is to get a job. If you are already rich then school is a waste of time.
  • Education and business is run by the Jews. They have all the money and control the entire system. They are probably using it for evil.
  • The previous fact causes problems for blacks, especially when they sell out and serve the establishment. It is called complacentcy.
  • When you have three you can attack. That is called triangulation. For brevity: MMB= Money,Murder,Bitches.
  • MMB is a benchmark gauge of personal power and status. This is a masculine based philosophy.
  • Life is as hard as you make it. The harder you make it the stronger you must become. This is a IDGAF philosophy inspired by Thuglife.
  • This is a short list of philosophy that will come to domaninate and rule for millenia.
  • A lecture on propositional logic

    Logic is used to solve problems that exist in the real world as opposed to being applied to academic concerns that are purely theoretical in nature. Practical knowledge stems from the use of logic in a way that guarantees real world results. Using logic other than dealing with actual issues is an abuse of logic and not it's correct purpose.

    Logic dictates that efficiency is obtained by following the correct order of progress. Inefficiencies arise from using the wrong steps or the right ones out of order. There are many logical systems in place but all are connected in some way and at the core stem from basic understanding about never changing truth whether that truth is completely understood or not.

    Use logical progression to solve problems that are present in your life. The better you are at analyzing problems and recognizing patterns the higher your intelligence and therefore the more successful you will be in planning goals and achieving success.

    To solve problems we use the logical system IIS: Identify, Isolate, Solve. The process is as follows:

    Since we need another system to evaluate options we use the logical system PQA: Problem, Question, Answer. The process is as follows:

    We are creating logic gates that progress by flowing from one gate to the next. Solving one gate advances to the next gate. Failing to solve a gate and the process is repeated indefinitely until completion. More correct answers leads to efficient processes and completes more tasks raising productivity.



    Both are triangular here but IIS is more
    linear and tree like in practice. Actually
    each phase of IIS is it's own triangle.

    Use IIS to correctly seek, find and ensure problem is as stated. Use PQA to speed through known issues for automation and the solve part of IIS. Solving IIS involves PQA for the S since S is now known having been found using II. Finding P uses IIS since problem can not be known until it is found. The II in IIS is the finding part. These are dually dependent systems that work in harmony. Breaking one may break the other if redundancy is not built in.

    IIS is complex and PQA is simple. Let's explore PQA and then work up to IIS.

    We have a simple known problem thus eliminating the need to identify it using IIS. We state our problem:

    P: I do not know what something is.

    (which leads to formulating a question to effect a response from a sympathetic program or person )

    Q: What is this something?

    (which leads to a response given in the form of a correct or incorrect answer)

    A: The answer is ??

    We try answer ?? and it fails to produce suitable results.

    (which leads to completing the circuit and going in a loop from P-->Q-->A-->P.)

    A failed answer brought us back to our original state of P: I (still) do not know what something is. The more we fail the more we continue to loop and therefore are stuck at our first task. This is cyclic redundancy error, not to be confused with back up redundancy. Redundancy means doing things twice. Having two systems that are independent means that if you break one you can use the other. If one system is dependent on another breaking the independent system breaks the dependent system, but breaking the dependent system leaves the independent system still working. Systems can be partially or wholly dependent or completely independent. Independent systems are more secure but limited, dependent systems have insecurities but are unlimited. Coincidentally the applies to psychology. An insecure person has less limitations while a secure person has more. Security comes with a cost and often cost is measured in freedom. Coincidentally this applies to political science. To fix psychology requires a mathematical approach as does political science.

    [Lawyers are expected not only to have vast legal expertise and knowledge but have a profound understanding of fairness. Equality comes from equations. An equation is said to be equal on both sides of the equal sign in the form1=1. When justice is imbalanced it takes the form of 0=1. A lawyer is expected to possess a find legal mind which requires strong command of logical reasoning and deduction. Current policies are unhinged and unbalanced because corrupt pseudo science and emotion playing with public's rage or fear has taken reason out of debate and replaced it with slogans and slick sales pitches. A dumb voter is an easy vote. I blame the education system and it's faculty. They continue to fail the students of this country. Psychologists evoke powerful emotional traumas to break down subjects to program their brain with false algorithms in an attempt to make the suitable for control for the current political group in power. They take confused people who make !? Choices, force them in cyclic error, which leads them to try to break the losing cycle by making unsound changes, these changes result in states of ?? that serve to prove to the subject that they are wrong and need to follow the dubious advice being administrated to them. Also once compliance is agreed upon psychologists further their own agendas by being shills for the pharmaceutical companies to drive up sales and company stock. If patients were taught logic they would make sound moves and possess reasoning far beyond what is required to avoid traps of bad decisions leading to poor lifestyle and mental illness. Doctors do not teach logic they indoctrinate propaganda that serves elitist agendas all in a guise of helping the person. True help would negate the need for their services and really eliminate their industry as a whole. Some such as Priscilla Chan have stated they want to use AI to end all disease in the next hundred years. Big task but seemingly noble. I want to end all mental illness within 20-30 years as I believe this possible due to being mostly environmental instead of genetic. I can change someones environment and raise their knowledge but I can not change their genetic makeup without genetic splicing and it is uncertain how that would offer benefits ]

    Notice the use of the word still in the previous paragraph. Still refers to being in an unchanged state. We still have not made progress hence we have not moved from state a the first task to state b the second task. This is negative state of stillness, we want to change. The next use; system still working, is a positive state of stillness. We do not want to change or move from a working state to a non working state.

    Going in circles is regressive leading to being at and no closer to finding a solution. If one logic system fails us we incorporate another to find a better method of reaching a suitable answer that satisfies our requirements. We have systems that access what stage of success we are at to tell us what our next step should be and how to proceed. The better our assessment the sooner we take corrective course. The better our understanding of the problem through correctly identifying it the better our choices we find for solving it and finally the better our logic the better our choice of response will be.

    Using PQA with a tangible problem we could say:

    We find that is is incorrect.

    We find that is is incorrect.

    We find that this is correct and move on to solve another problem. This is common in grade school math where problems are listed in numerical order and you finish one problem before advancing to the next. If a problem is so difficult it is hogging time a winning tactic would skip ahead and do all the easy ones then return to finish the remaining hard ones. Even if we do not finish the skipped ones due to difficulty as least we completed the majority of our work and have something to show for our time. Being stuck on one problem for too long means that in order to gain time or cut or losses short we have to make progress on other areas. This is associated with time management.

    A pictogram is formatted like this:

    Green arrows symbolize correct progress red arrows show a failed step.
    Since P: is always the correct question bottom arrow is always green

    In this an empty arrow represents a hollow response or null value of 0. A solid arrow represents a bold choice with a true value of 1. 0 is hollow and 1 is solid as lies are empty of truth and truth is solid.

    To differentiate from difference triangles, phases and responses use use the filing system:

    P1: is the P in this triangle.
    Q1: is the question in this triangle.
    A1;1: is the 1st answer given (5) followed by A1;2:(6) for the 2nd then A1;3:4.

    Parentheses may or may not be used as wanted to clarify the answer given if it is a integer. This model is used for strings and abstract language expressions so usually a () is not needed.

    Writing as P1 (Problem #1) avoids confusion when multiple triangles (p1,p2,p3 etc) are mapped together.

    Writing Q1 avoids confusion if multiple questions are posed in the same triangle. This happens when problems are approached from multiple angles or an incorrect question is presented requiring revision in the form of rephrasing or rewriting completely. Ex: P1: I need money; Q1: Is the bad place hiring? , the correction would be Q2: Is the good place hiring?. You should not aim low nor open with weak moves.

    Aim for the good job and take the bad one only as a last resort after all other options have been exhausted. Inquiring about a bad job shows bad strategy and plan making. Lacking confidence leads to under attacking. Stronger logic boosts confidence in attacking and leading. Taking a bad job is never optimal but when used you plan to quickly advance to the good job later. What happens is you do not even get the bad job and have to take the good job sooner or you get pigeonholed in the bad job and can not upgrade. Worst case you get neither job. At this point we are introduced to the concept of evaluating our logical processes.

    In PQA when we get to A and it is wrong answer we repeat the process until we get the right answer. We put a reasonable limit to failed attempts that when reached we stop questioning our answers and start questions our questions. By asking the right question we are bound to get the right answer. If we keep failing then maybe we are asking the wrong question so we try to solve the problem by asking different questions.

    We reverse engineer the problem exhausting all options then use a different logic system when this one fails. The point is that logic dictates all problems are solvable given the right data. If our system fails we are not giving it the right data. We branch out looking for the right data to provide. If first answer fails try others till limit is reached. If answers fail we are asking the wrong question, response is to ask different questions. If questions fail the we are solving for the wrong problem and need better way of identifying our problems. Simple problems are recognizing immediately and given to PQA. Complex problems are put through rigorous analysis with IIS. Sometimes a problem is misdiagnosed and put through PQA immediately at it appeared benign but is really malignant requiring further study. When other systems indicate that it is the right problem and none of our answers or questions are working then we have unusual problem. We have the right problem but can not find the right data to insert to effect a workable solution. At this point we need to use a stronger method for solving the problem, we need a different logic system. PQA is for speed tracking multiple simple issues rapidly. IIS is for solving singular complex issues with option of breaking it down into separate issues to speed through PQA.

    Here is a breakdown of PQA after not finding a solution:


    P1 was attacked with three question that each offered 5 answers. After 15 incorrect answers we decided that we misinferred the problem and sought to change tactics by reinterpreting the problem. This section could be written better but gives a rough outline. Point is here is how to string logic progression and track data so that we can record trial and error and save it so that others can benefit from our research. If we do not do this we will not be able to recall from record past experiments and check known working and non working fixes. Even simple problems are tracked this way to avoid repeating ground already covered by someone else. This filing system makes finding errors easy and lets us know where we are failing. IIS takes things further for greater precision and other systems beyond IIS. These are just basics to learn to utilize that almost no one except for programmers are using. This way of recording logic needs to become common place so that ideas are exchanged with greater accuracy leading to better research. This improves medical, scientific, social, technological, and economic processes leading to better workflow and i/o.

    To after completing one goal move on to the next eliminating tasks as you create new ones.
    This is called staging:

    This staging represents a perfect staging of three completed tasks similar to Boolean logic gates. I would write this as:

    1. P1:Q1:A1
    2. P2:Q1:A1
    3. P3:Q1:A1

    Three problems solved using one correct question with one correct answer for each problem.
    The branched PQA tree is written as:

    1. P1:Q1:A1;A2;A3;A4;A5

    2. P2:Q1:A1

    3. P3:Q1:A1

    From P1:Q1 we get the string (A1;A2;A3;A4;A5). This tells us that problem #1 question # 1 has answers A1;A2;A3;A4;A5 tried. We can type in the actual answers or we can code them and have them listed as elements in set notation. There are many ways to do this.

    This demonstration is about discrete math in real world problem solving through analytics. Using math as a universal language provides clarity and breaks down barriers while allowing easy recording of proven and failed tactics for easier recall later. This assists in the teaching process letting children, their parents, as well as students, faculty, coworkers, colleagues, and clients learn better processes and help build and maintain working databases. Eventually this will serve many areas of society. Workers can be recruited and trained faster with known proficiency levels. Emerging markets will have skilled workers. Existing markets will stay competitive having the best tools and information at their disposal. Communities with thrive having centers that provide learning and recreation for families functioning as an extension of youth programs and civics centers. This is the beginning of ushering a new age of order out of chaos.

    I have not been made aware on others concerns so have not set to work on outside projects. Personal differences have also led to exclusion and isolation prohibiting greater networking so regretfully I have not been able to help as many people benefit from my research as could be. Hopefully this will change once I am in a better situation financially and more money is allotted for me to develop platforms and outreach programs.

    f(x)=	If x<1  I win
    	If x=1  Illuminati win

    (If x=1 then 1:1 then -->f(x)=∆x; x= monarch; monarch<1)

    My research indicates that this is a losing proposition for illuminati and that trying to change or augment constraints just puts illuminati in a worse position.

    Instead of changing or writing the laws to try to rig the game illuminati should refuse the proposal outright. This is known as a sucker's bet. There is no solution for illuminati to capture a victory due to the crushing restrains applied to it. The breakthrough came when trying to support their logic and write rules that sponsored their way of thinking while tying into their imagery and agendas with respect to cultural and religious considerations.

    The result is they are screwed. They only way for illuminati to win is to not play (tic tac toe in the movie War Games). Some have tried to dabble with the explicit rules to force a win for illuminati but it is simply not there. I did not intend to cheat or lie to handicap illuminati but simply start from first principles to accurately write a function that dealt with reality the way it is not how I fantasize it to be. Over the years I have gotten good at creating logical functions that apply to everyday life in a way that is not taught at school level. Writing functions that dictate real life is very complicated and said to be impossible since it implies knowing every possible outcome in every possible scenario which is beyond the scope of mortal humans. Without making those assumptions for myself nor being tainted with that ignorant bias which is too common in underclassmen I wrote from the observations that were given to me. These functions are based on the illuminati's own words so either they are lying to me, which would present more a problem for them than their intended target, or their own bylaws put them in a very precarious and vulnerable state. This disturbs me. It gives me headaches to think that they could be so foolish and abuse math this way. It is illogical and devoid of science.

    In short it is utter nonsense based on superstition and archaic belief. This really does bother me but I will keep this to myself as it does not serve much purpose to beat a dead horse. The conclusion is they are not smart but imposers who are acting under the control of a system that “puppets” them. Since their methods can not be trusted as a method of deducing truth I must admit that they do not have systems to self analyze nor critique to self improve. They are on “cruise” control, or more appropriately auto pilot./p>

    Instead of changing the laws they should have switched positions. Again no matter have they try to defeat the logic it is so strong that not even the most adept can defeat it. In agnostic circles they would consider this to be magic of high order something to regard as sacred. However by changing positions you invert the system, a common illuminati tactic, and get this:

    If x<1 I lose
    If x=1 I win

    This is utter nonsense as instead of putting the question to me it puts it back on the illuminati itself and poses responses akin to questioning their own self existence leading self doubt and reluctance to proceed with any sort of form. ???

    Another attempted cheat was to bypass the two option scenario by attempting a third option. While a novel approach clearly this was just trying to mimic my use and refutation against damned if you do, damned if you don't clauses by stating that there has to be a third alternative to these propositions. Unfortunately a viable third option does not exist since in Boolean algebra and truth tables with are dealing with only two states in the form yes/no. A third option would be maybe and result in a value of 0 ⸫ 0=no 1= yes. Anything not exactly 1 would be treated as 0. If referring to power systems 0= off, 1=on, 2, which is not a member of the set, would an insufficient charge to operate a function so therefore treated or equal to off. To be in a state of “on” requires an exact value of 1, no more no less. 0 is not = 1 nor is any other integer such as 2. In my demonstration I used a high lumen ceiling led light as an example. In an on position the light delivers over 1600-2000 lumens of bright white light. When turned off it produces a light blue flicker due to low voltage still present in the line. The low current is not sufficient to produce a full on state equal to a value of one and is regarded as off. The difference between completely off and the faint blue flicker is minuscule and effectively the same as complete darkness. It would be definitively safe to say that in this maybe on/off state the light is off. The difference is literally night and day.

    0= off
    1= on
    2= off/on  (not allowable or possible)

    A question arose to the effect that, if x<1 then why not x>1 instead of x=1? The answer is because for a result of yes we need and exact value of one. Honestly I do not know why but it is in the mandate and what the game prescribed. To alter fundamental laws of culture, religion, ceremony, etc. is to break with tradition instead of honoring it. Changing culture kills it and replaces it with something new and different so you can not hope to maintain legacy by ending it. Arbitrarily changing ritual is to do away with it, or so I believe, therefore adding unforeseen dire consequences. From start the game is rigged in my favor such to the extant that even cheating, manipulating or corrupting code just boosts my odds of success to a higher level then they already were. This creates a particularly strong advantage for me that is un-defeatable.

    In addition: If x=0 (false or off) then x<1; If x=1 (true or on) then x=1.

    I take on to require full strength or power to produce an on state, therefore a 100% of the minimum is required to achieve success. If a powered device receives less voltage than needed to operate it will not turn on. If it receives less watts than or current then it will under perform causing lack of success. A device receiving less than optimal charge could be the results of sabotage leading to a weaken flickering output instead of a full continuous supply. The device is said to be crippled at this point due to low supply.

    Assume a hypothetical scenario in which a fight took place. All things equal two people with equal strength stand a 1:1 or 50% chance of defeating the other. During repeated engagements each fighter would win 5 out of 10 rounds with the other. If all people are equal such that they were robots with equal stats then 2:1 or two people against one would tip the scales to a 66.6% chance of winning. This is interesting because to determine victory one looks for a solution in which success is predetermined before exchange takes place. For this to occur rigging in the form of a fix or superior tactic has to be employed otherwise it is a fair fight with no advantage to the other leaving doubt as to who will come out victorious. I made a list and here are the corresponding figures:

    	1. 1:1=50%			Breaking even odds
    	2. 2:1=66.6%		
    	3. 3:1=75%
    	4. 4:1=80%		 	80/20 rule applies here. Note the next entry.
    	5. 5:1=83.33%		Incidentally the number of men needed to nonviolently restrain a male offender.
        					Also for military purposes anything under an 83%
                            success rate is considered a suicide mission.
    	6. 6:1=85.71428571%
    7. 7:1=87.5%
    8. 8:1=88.88%
    9. 9:1=90%
    10. 10:1=90.909%
    11. 11:1=91.666%
    12. 12:1=92.30769231

    At this point the pattern was approaching infinity and seemed to resemble a geometric sequence so I graphed it and wrote it as a function. Increases were becoming smaller with each step so I had to jump numbers in the sequence and skip ahead to intervals that I felt were more relevant in analyzing the data to converse time and space.

    13. 25:1=96%
    14. 49:1=98%
    15. 99:1=99%
    16. 199:1=99.5%
    17. 399:1=99.75%
    18. 799:1=99.875%
    19. 1599:1=99.9375%
    20. 3199:1=99.9688%
    21. 6399:1=99.9844%
    22. 12799:1=99.9922%

    Initially this is where I stopped. Even in a fight of 12,800 against one person there was still not a 100% chance for victory, which seems odd. In real life the fight would be over past five people. Given 12 people against one boosts rate to around 92%, a b-rating. It takes more than double that, 25 people, to reach a a-rating of 96%. At this point rate of success is counted infinitesimally with more resources being added not contributing to more favorable outcomes. The more resources invested they are simply diverted and wasted. Arguments could be made that a high ranking person of interest would require more investigation and the use of personnel is justified but in a one to one ratio to secure at least a 96 percentile 25 people are needed. If scaled that means illuminati would need 100 people to detail 4 vip's.

    Quality over quantity dictates that an elite soldier can remove 25 agents from play easily. Further adding more than 25 agents to detail one person is wasteful and frees up other soldiers to make strategic moves unrestricted.

    A losing situation for illuminati in any event because they need a small group that can control a large group however is impossible since they can not control a small group with a large group. Without a probability model that shows guaranteed outcomes such as 0% of winning and 100% of winning then there is no chance for then it with. Doubling efforts only marginally boosts rates while at the same time makes then look bad for having their larger numbers defeated by single players. The more numbers they add the worse the humiliation and more crushing the defeat. This ties into war engines and describes how smaller numbers can take out larger enemies. Ironically this is what they want but have inadvertently set themselves up for defeat.

    Superior numbers in manpower nor statistics alone does not confer victory and this modeling was based on all men equal since I do not have specific profiles to analyze. Real life suggests that 25 people is the same as ∞ people attacking. With a rating of 100% impossible to achieve success is impossible and you have a war that never ends because infinite resources means infinite attacks. Success lays not on the strategy of the larger group but mistakes of the individual. If all players play optimally then you get never ending stalemates.

    Suppose three states exist:

    In chess we can evaluate the moves as:	1.  ?? a blunder
    										2.  !? a gambit
                                            3.  !  a good move

    The analysis:

    1. A novice would err and chose option one.

    2. A risk taker driven by emotion would take option two.

    3. A super computer driven by logic would take option three.

    Secondary analysis:

    1. The novice lacks expertise and fails.

    2. A risk taker after eliminating option one for the trap it is hastily takes option two because it leverages him with a 100% chance of either win/draw.

    3. A computer takes option three because it eliminates the chance of a draw and keeps game playing till the end win only one winner. It is trying to force a win or delay a draw.

    I can this setup the apprentice, the gambler, and the master/expert, written colloquially as AGE. In age you progress from student, to practitioner, to champion. The first move is very bad as it forces a loss so I will discuss the other two. The risk taker is tempted to take the the first winning option after feeling threatened by the prospect of the first losing option. Panicked he reacts to emotion and takes !? because he at least sees a way to win but if and only if his opponent blunders next move. If say opponent has finite moves it is possible to suggest that a sudden death scenario could arise or some variation where the very next move either blunders or forces a draw. Playing sub optimally he would force a draw because he at least sees a way to force a draw and redo.

    Player one uses emotion to think that win/draw is better than losing. The fallacy with this is that it offers player two a choice of forcing a draw implying a redo or having to start over. Starting over wastes time and effort. The resources spent trying to position a win are for naught and now the game resets. This represents wasted opportunities and inefficiencies that is avoided by better logic and computer automated sequencing. This inaccuracy lead to draw which could have been avoided or at least postponed by using move !. Move !? Was selected because player 1 could not see the sequence to win with ! But the computer could. Emotion says 100% of win/draw with !? is better than 100% of loss with ??. Would you rather risk 100% win/draw or risk 100% losing? Although it seems to be the clear winning choice, !? Is not and that is why it is called a gambit or gamble.

    When faced by player 1's !? gambit player two feels comfortable with forcing a draw. This will occurring repeatably this will eventually frustrate player 1 into making bizarre and even riskier gambits to try to fix the game or one up player 2 and his obnoxious blocking patterns. The fallacy with player two forcing a draw is that he should have chosen a ! type move just like player 1 should have.

    	I have the game as this:    1.  ??  100% lose
        							2.  !?  100% win/draw
                                    3.  !    0% win/lose/draw

    ?? is not an option. !? Seems good could but competent players with force a draw. ! is only move to lead to a position that secures 100% win setting. In this scenario 0% w/l/d is best option even over 100% w/d. This runs counter intuitive to emotion and that is why play at this level is rare. If neither player has the tactics to play ! then !? will run to infinity. The game goes on and the war never ends.

    This is useful for comparative analysis in war, nuclear holocaust and other war game simulations. In normal circumstances use !, in unusual ones use !? with caution. !? Can infer many meaning such as mutual destruction. DO NOT use !? as player one in nuclear war but if you are player two use !? as a response to !?. If a !? ICBM is launched at you counter-strike with !?. This leads to mutual destruction. Do not let player one wipe your civilization out without taking them with you. The arguments for this are contained elsewhere for clarification, referenced as “!?-!? IEG”. *Chuckles* doing this represents poor sportsmanship but this is an extreme response to an extreme attack emotion is inevitable.

    People need to know it is okay to use emotion and not function like a robot. The problem lies with not knowing when to use emotion or why. In simple things logic should rule and in complex things emotion cropping out is tolerable or even preferred. What happens is the inverse and people confuse logic with emotion or disregard them as concepts altogether. This is known as cognitive dissonance. They remember concepts at certain times but go into fugue like states and forget those understandings and the associated behavior the trained tactics are to produce.

    If something is simple it does not require critical analysis so people defer to emotion. The mistake is that to use logic at a high level it first has to be employed at a low level with frequency. Failing to do that you do not build a foundation for logic at higher magnitudes.

    If something is complex people think you have to have godlike focus to mastermind solutions. Poppycock. Often the best way to deal with a complex situation is to demystify it by breaking larger problems into smaller ones. Using the aforementioned skill of applying logic to simple problems, you solve the problem one small part at a time. The more complex the issue you are simply making simple calculations over and over again. This is how computers operate. They use simple Cartesian algebra to write operations over and over again.

    In the fight scenario illuminati always loses because they keep repeating the same mistakes hoping for a different outcome. Changing roles effects little. They are stuck in a cyclic loop going from PQA back to P1 again and again. They do not use the correct tools to identify their mistakes. They have inherent weaknesses built into their core operating systems that are vulnerable for exploit. I am not sure how much of this is due to laziness and oversight or just cultural bias and unwillingness to change. This peaks certain questions:

    If they will not change is it due to trying to protect other systems? In order to protect these systems i.e maintain security is it worth the loss of freedom in the form of power? How much power and freedom can they sacrifice and still operate? Should we stress test their systems and see what there limits are? Much have this has already done been but a systemic review has not been officially recorded and published. Hmm.

    Theory versus application

    In testing systems for effectiveness and ways to improve performance I use the scale above to gauge and evaluate a systems current status as being either practical, theoretical or somewhere in between. The applications of this system are unlimited in concept to implementation but used primarily in areas of:

    I developed this scale through my own independent research however other ones similar to it may indeed exist. For clarity I will refer to my scale as the Malone practical theory scale.

    In martial arts:

    Aikido in particular has been singled out for claims of being ineffective. In reality it is very effective and any discussion regarding effectiveness is ultimately counter productive to training as more time is spent self doubting and look for ways to defend martial arts instead of training or doing something that is actually more fulfilling. Either way several people who did Aikido and other martial arts introduced the concept of martial arts not being designed to be practical but rather theoretical. This is odd since it is known since ancient and recent times the use and application of techniques. Saying something is theoretical takes on a meaning of looking good on paper but never really real life tested or in other words more academic than reality based.

    Martial arts were under fire to spar boxers to prove that their arts were effective. I do not know any Aikidoka that train with boxers or specifically to defeat boxing combos. It deals with people lunging at you to grab you. While I know that most of the Aikidoka I have seen are rather lazy when it comes to training or viewing martial arts as serious defense that is more a problem with the lazy people instead of the art. The Japanese are extremely proficient in Aikido so the only problem seems to be a lack of correct culture and knowledge of proper aspect. The training in japan far exceeds anything in North America or any country that is not japan. There is a lot of things wrong with martial arts in North America with regard to how it is taught and viewed but I want to avoid the political debate and focus on the scientific merit of model testing.

    If we look at the chart we can see that practical application offers upfront benefits that theory does not. Without fully understanding the relationship between the two it is easy to mistakenly believe that one is superior to the other each people being subject to their own personal bias. You need both and and it is ideal to strike a balance between the two.

    When using to fighting the practical application comes off as more militant with aim of stopping the attack using whatever method is easiest. This is done without thought or regard to politics. If something is known to work we classify it as the practical application. If we only use this approach however we will hit a glass ceiling and get stagnated in our training. We use theory to try new things to add or improve areas that we think might benefit from a revamped approach. Many times martial arts has been improved with testing new theories. We first train what is known to work until we can do it to the best of our ability and then we ask what new things can we add that others haven't thought of and what things might be old that have have been left out or forgotten. When we can implement new ideas and strategies successfully we are more competitive and are better versions of ourselves.

    In all fighting you have those that are old fashioned or military based. This is represented by the USMC, the army, and so on. They do not personally deal in too much theory but it must be noted that they do change their training every so often and every technique they have ever drilled or trained was made from scratch and started out as theory. To prove it works they tested it in simulated and real world conflicts. If they have something that works they keep it and would not change it for unnecessary reasons. They follow the mantra if it is not broke do not fix it. These are not thinkers but doers that follow simple plans and instructions and do not bother to think or question orders or training. It is a blue collar get it done approach.

    Aikido is a thinking mans martial art. It gives rise to more creativity and more freedom to interpret applications of combat. It is white collar and suited to the professional class of college educated people who may not ever be expected to fight or see action in real life. As such since they are not facing imminent threat their mindset and dojos reflect this. These are thinkers not doers. They expand on many ideas that if properly integrated into a serious training regiment would produce better than current standards and performance. But since they are not ever going to need such devastating tactics why slave over producing a fully fleshed combat training system and upgraded facilities for this purpose? This becomes the paradoxical situation where being practical is not practical for them ironically in the same vein that it is not practical for the government to train soldiers in every form of hand to hand combat and melee weapon. It is impractical for the military to spend the copious amounts of time they believe it would take to produce black belts just as it is impractical for Aikidoka to train for every combat situation that a soldier faces. Soldiers are trained for war zones to fight to the death so that before they die they took out as many enemies that were threatening their allies. Aikidoka come from privileged backgrounds and expect to face situations that occur to the wealthy astute war dodger class they belong to. Training in both scenes is tailored to the lifestyles each represent.

    Some dumb jocks are too stupid despite being strong and foolishly reject sound science, Aikidoka may be smarter and richer but are too weak physically and lack a warrior mindset needed to prevail in dire straits. This really is not a matter of system or even individual but speaks to more general themes in society. When it comes to attributes you are permitted one or the other but not both. It is rare to find the best of both worlds in a super soldier that is simultaneously ass physically capable as he is intellectually astute. Outside of government the pool shrinks as civilians are not permitted the same luxury of weapons training as the government. Most people outside government adept at weapons and fighting use come from the criminal classes and therefore most likely are lacking access and freedom to increase their scientific, political and organization structures.

    When describing martial arts as theoretical or the theory of fighting it takes the scientific methods of deduction and analysis out of the research. Martial arts when incorporating scientific modes of tracking progress and gauging performance leads to better fighters. When devising training modules or new techniques or strategies logic must be employed to avoid wasting time or training incorrectly.

    Using the theory scale you can estimate where a particular element of combat falls between what is known to be acceptable working condition and what is still in the theory or development stage. As you refine new ideas the move from purely theoretical to a real world model with known working applications. Most of the talk about testing Aikido techniques came from trolls would wanted to fight in real life but there was not sufficient opportunity to do so. Other opportunities were either few and far in between or orchestrated with little to no chance of failure so the feedback from such engagements would be unusable lest risking false positives. Beating someones ass with a weak technique does not prove that the technique works only that the opponent was weak or took a dive. Out of this comes the conclusion that parties interested in the development of fighting arts were not serious about producing superior fighters but just want to see people fighting regardless of skills being improved or not. Their motives are suspect.

    According to the scale if something is 100% practical it is in known working condition but stupid and easy to replace with newer smarter interpretations. If something is 100% theoretical then it is not in working order and something silly stupid and that some fag nerd thought up that would only have you looking dumb and embarrassed if attempted. Academic types are too restricted by lab settings to test in a real environment but more so lack life experience so have sheltered world views that do not take into account real life variables that dramatically effect pivotal outcomes. Nerds need jocks to provide real world data before, during and after implementation and jocks need nerds tracking progress and designing new training systems and processes while also including new conceptual frameworks to strategize and focus goals. Nerd is a bit of a lazy term and inappropriate. Actual nerds would not be man enough for the work and to silly headed, note taker or scientist would be more suitable.

    In manufacturing:

    A company can be made better with either better products/services or better ways or obtaining products/services. Test the validity of your product to make sure it actually offers value to consumers instead of being a waste of resources or discourages lifestyle and culture in any way. A bad product or service complicates your lifestyle and raises cost of maintenance while a good product/service does its best to provide comfort and luxury while saving time and money. Theory is often used to design bad things without comparing to traditional items to see what if any benefits are to be had. A gimmick that costs more simply for the sake of being different while not offering any true innovation is the theory of value added but fails to deliver since it does not actually serve a practical purpose. The value of design or aesthetics is null as an argument because looking different does not automatically prove superior decoration or styling and then is the issue of whether cosmetics are really a concern given the intended use of said item. Watch out for products that are beta or trendy that have not passed peer review. If it is touted as solving a problem that does not exist then for it to be valid the problem has to manifest somewhere for the product to be deemed worthy of consideration. This means that conspiracy and skulduggery is required to scam this item into mainstream acceptance. This starts annoying trends of making fake products for fake problems that do not exist only to have society create the problems to justify the expenditures in the first place essentially creating more problems then they are fixing.

    Processes to improve quality or cut costs falls under lean manufacturing. While the idea of lean manufacturing is instantly recognizable as having solid practical benefits concern over taking a bad plan or implementation into consideration simply because it is labeled as such can lead to impetuousness. Do not change production simply because an idea is pitched with popular phasing check and verify feasibility before you do any thing that might lower quality or interfere with overhead and production rates.

    In processes efficiency:

    Process refers to the manner in which we do something. It is the method in which we operate. We could consider performance to be either strength or speed, process implies a sense of accuracy. Once you can function accurately you can add strength and then maintain the same level of strength while moving quicker.

    Accuracy--->get the money--->strength--->raise the amount of money sought--->speed--->increase the intervals of money being received.

    Accuracy means we were able to successfully compete a task and receive payment. Once we can master accuracy we can always receive payment for a certain task completed. Once this becomes routine we raise the goal of how much money we are trying to score.

    Strength means increasing payload. We increase payload without sacrificing accuracy. If accuracy is lost we have to lower payload until accuracy is regained however if payload has increased exponentially to a point where it overcompensates for accuracy then any loss may be tolerable. This is all dependent on what the unit of the payload is and what the consequences for missed accuracy is. If units is in money then accuracy matters less except for cases of prison or death.

    Speed means increasing frequency of returns. Increasing speed often sacrifices accuracy and causes sloppiness. Discipline is required to not jump the gun and prematurely speed up causing mistakes. Once you can accurately hit your target you can aim for bigger targets, once big targets can be successfully taken with ease you can increase the number of targets you take in a given period. Failure comes from not following this order. Smart people follow this and win stupid people ignore this and always lose. There is no mystery or esoteric secrets. Hard headed people do not listen and always end up losers because they think they can break protocol. In life or death when defending culture and race matters either you care or you do not. To care means to sacrifice to make certain that victory is achieved. Selling out comes from cutting corners for easy success that is not sustainable and motivated by self interest. Do it for more than yourself. Do it so that the war is over and the ignorant shit ends.


    Accuracy first. This is the most neglected and therefore the most important. Can't hit the target and going fast in the wrong direction is very bad and must be avoided. I do not want to get too preachy but 100% of failure is due to not giving a damn about accuracy and putting their energy in the wrong direction by supporting the wrong pursuits with the wrong strategies.

    Strength second. We want to be stronger to do more damage to have more power. Accuracy leads to always making contact and winning even if strength is negligible. If we can always hit our target more strength should be trained for. More strength means less work and greater payoffs. It shortens time needed to achieve benchmarks.

    Speed last. Speed just becomes showing off and dominating the competition. Once we can hit accurately and forcefully the ability to do it again and again without fail creates a machine like function that does not get tired or stop. It is relentless in its pursuits. The idea is to not rest on our success but take advantage of all opportunities and use the momentum created so that we do not waste the moment. After the first two are mastered training for speed keeps the first two sharp while speed is a variable element that must be always tested to keep performance high. It will have highs and lows but the others will be maintained which is the point. We will be so far of the competition they will be struggling to reach many of our earlier milestones.

    In science and culture:

    Science must always improve to better understanding of the world and universe so that manipulating our environment becomes easier. Whoever controls science will have better technology and means to create superior civilizations. Without science one civilization will be destroyed by another that possess es superior math, engineering, and scientific know how. You can nope hope to be stupid and outsmart someone. You can not hope to use low tech solutions to fix complicated issues. Science provides the backbone of all modern life. A technologically superior race will not be threatened by a technologically inferior one. STEM is used by the military to teach people how to make the government stronger. You are expected to assist the government so they can be dominate over the average citizen. This is an imbalance of power and knowledge with government hoarding secrets that could help everyone. They do not want to teach or promote the sciences unless you are under their control. Things they give commoners: art, music, dancing, cooking, humanities, family law, limited tort law, politics of a silly nature, English literature. All these things are touchy feely and do not create weapons for offense and defense. It is known that science creates the means to destroy and protect but no one goes out of their way to learn and utilize the latest methods and design or engineer the products of the future. Any science is hoarded by suspicious companies that are hardly friendly to black causes. Blacks are expected to be entertainers and therefore stupid and controlled. If science is to be explored it is only done under the careful watch of the government through the CIA and the Freemasons. Science means breaking the chains of racism and disenfranchisement. Anything else is false trap mostly to undermine any attempts for blacks to liberate themselves and be free of white rule. The premise is that the Freemasons are racist and control the government which creates shell companies that pose as free companies but are a form of state controlled enterprise. Nothing happens without approval of the government which in turn leads to asking permission. Basically blacks are scared to compete with the government and bitch out. Then they ask white rulers for jobs and the slaver owners allow then to coon in the form of entertainment. Entertainment is homosexual, stupid and lacking math science and other strong disciplines, and humiliates the black race by making them emasculated and seen as the help to serve for their oppressors amusement. People in Hollywood coon then get killed so why is being a celebrity considered ideal or desirable? Because they use their media to self promote and brainwash giving people false ideals to strive for. They hate women and blacks and thus shun them from studying things of real importance and leave occupations open that lead to being powerless and non threatening. Here is the problem: When women are supposed to be stupid at math and science and then expect the same from black men they are calling black men white women. This leads to further abuse. They are treating black men like women. This is to far and must be responded to with violence. As hope is a dirty four letter word just as peace is a dirty five letter one.

    We use science to create better supplies of food, weapons, clothes, gear, vehicles, sources of energy, and better construction of buildings. We need these things to be independent and world leaders in all industries and areas of modern life. Minsters use religion and it has failed black people. No one who is devout to church understands anything scientific and therefore is at the mercy of secularists who spend time researching instead of reading the bible to be taught white ethical lessons that really are aimed at children. Religion is bad and a system to turn people into slaves. It offers no utility and is a form of oppression and waste of time. Religion makes people weaker not stronger. It is only to show you submit to white power structures and is a form of hegemony.

    When evaluating scientific methods look for if the science solves problems or creates problems. Look for if the solutions make us stronger or is something silly and for entertainment rather than world domination of our enemies. There needs to be more black leaders who share the attitude of Malcolm x and Marcus Garvey who work towards promoting the black man above white people who exist only to be evil and pro illuminati. Blacks are ham stringed by religion. If they abandoned religion and took use science they would be smarter, richer, and more of a threat to Freemasons and illuminati worldwide. It is the solution to the problems facing Africans worldwide. So unless you are for truth and 100% of the solution then you are only doing what is convenient and allowable by your oppressors. Once you stand for science and advancement for blacks in a way that makes whites uncomfortable then you can be free. Doing something because white people give you freedom to do it is not freedom. Submitting to white rule is called being scared and too lazy to fight the right battles for the right reasons. People like that I do not respect and can not help because they are a joke with fake politics and fake resistance. Basically white people are weak so it is stupid to be placated by them. Do what I say and they will be mad and retaliate but that is expected. Their retaliation is a joke and mostly mental. If you are weak enough to mentally tricked by these people then you are an embarrassment. They are weak so why are you scared of them? And if you are not scared of them then why are you apathetic and complacent? Why are you not proactive in your own fight not only to free yourself but all blacks? It comes down to nobody doing what I say so I have to fierce them. It pisses me off and makes me take lead on all issues and fight the war on many fronts. I do not have the luxury of picking and choosing battles. Every battle must be fought to force aggressors into a corner and I have no qualms about that. I an not apologetic nor concerned of the welfare of those that did wrong by me. They do not matter and as far as I am concerned do not count. Nobody fixed these problems so they can not be trusted to do the right thing. Understand that because there is unreconciled grievances is the reason drastic change needs to occur. Blacks were underserved by government and their minions in the democratic party and religious white religions. Until you defeat the illuminati I must assume you are their punk bitch and I can not trust you. They threw me in jail and stole my shit so I promised to compromise them socially and politically. I promised to become a strong political opponent of them for life. As far as rigging the game in their favor? Ha! I will made my own groups that do not support their two party state with one hand washing the other and the illusion of choice or freedom. For example democrats and republicans are both the enemy fact. The only solution is a black panther party by blacks and for blacks because republicans are too racist and democrats are too gay. They do not serve the interests of blacks and force them to accept unfavorable political stances that do not improve their conditions. Christianity and satanic illuminati do not serve blacks so fuck them too with malice. I say with malice because it should be noted that as much as the were dismissive of me I shall too be dismissive of them until they are no longer a large power base and my ideologies and social engineering replaces theirs. They have a weak fragile system of exploitation that I can destroy simply because I cared enough to study the problem and expose it's weaknesses. They only win when people make excuses that they are too strong to fight. They are easy to fight so it makes me assume that blacks do not care about being treated fairly of having higher qualities of life. I can not trust them and must act in a way that strips power away from white rulers while at the same time not giving a fuck about backstabbing vultures who do not think about the culture or the repercussions while promoting fake positively in the face of annihilation of a evil jew cabal.

    Science must be sound with aims at improving life for black people who are defending themselves from the United States government and it's allies in Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United Nation. So no more simply trying to survive the illuminati like the old black man in the movie The Skulls but rather thrive and defeat them so they can not hurt anyone any more. They are bad people.

    Cultural views. The idea of promoting Africa as a spiritual homeland is stupid. They have bad leaders and ran their countries into the ground and were ineffective in preventing the slave trade so fuck them. They are corrupt, complacent and not interested in fighting the illuminati. They have too many problems to take seriously. I wish them the best of luck. It was a white man who said go back to Africa just as it was a white man who said copy all the mistakes puppeted Africans are making and will continue to make. White men have this habit of telling blacks to join teams that suck to prevent blacks from forming teams that win. Would hear and see this as attempts to undermine blacks in America and would target these individuals for arrest once the pentagon and white house falls and is replaced by national security agencies started and headed by me.

    I have a problem with studying history and arguing over the ancient past while the enemy is concerned with the technology of the future. I have a problem with black people being anti science or using socalled Kemitic or Islamic science to represent blacks. That shit is garbage and does not work. I will put it like this, they have been doing their thing for awhile now and have not accomplished shit except tell blacks to support religion masked as science and how our ancient ancestors did things. Old people are worthless and so were the ancients. They were pretty fucking stupid. The idea old is sacred come from white masonry and is garbage. It is their way of thinking and is flawed and without merit so blacks should not handicap themselves by copying the mistakes of asshole whites. I have a lot of resentment over this whole disturbing conspiracy. Basically black masons are trying to dumb down blacks so that they do not pose a threat to whites. They are traitors and pieces of shit. If they are so right why are the problems still here? Because they do not fix the problems they create them. Until they fix problems they are garbage and when they are threatened they will do dumb shit to pretend they are solving problems but it is a cover up to get blacks to accept false leadership and mediocre results. Masons only work to solve a problem when there is fear that someone is going to fix it themselves.

    They insert themselves into the situation as the leader or boss to follow and then create idiotic plans of action doomed to fail. Until they are cast out as the traitors they are they have the guise of credibility. I would clean house and imprison all the traitors, coons, uncle toms, player haters, snitches, and other enemies of the black people. They do not help black people because they are liars who do not care about black people. They work for the enemy directly. They should be openly viewed and seen with contempt but further real leaders need to stand up and create real organized resistance that is free from outside Freemason meddling. Freemasons currently run all black media and protests. It is all fake.

    To win black have to be stronger and smarter. Religion is dogmatic and fundamentalist in nature. It fucks up money, freedom, health and a slew of other things. Plus they are run by pedophiles. Whites are the ones who wanted to have sex with children because their penises are too short not blacks. I wanted to make black people smarter so that they would not be stupid and branded as idiots and through in jail. I was thwarted by religious groups who constantly attacked the idea of science being promoted by blacks. This was the last straw. Religion has failed black people horribly and has a shit track record but attacking black people becoming educated to threaten white supremacy is going to far. Education that is purposeful that does not come from a coon college like HSBC's is needed for success. Current education is under the control of white rulers. They only teach homosexuals because they can control them and kick out straights to impoverish or force to sell drugs for them leading to death and jail. They kill straights and bribe homosexuals. So religion is the enemy and can not be trusted. They dissed me so fuck them. There is the idea that Tuskegee was run by Booker T Washington because he cooned for whites. Presidents and masons wrote to him on advice on how to handle blacks, he was their boy. This pissed off W.E.B. Dubois, who has a fucked up name so he might be bad too, who called him out for teaching blacks incorrect values to blacks. At this historically black college and university you had blacks getting prestige but in name only. Was this the best way to advance blacks or was it fake education that made them respectable but non threatening to current power structures. It makes people happy to see blacks achieving higher education because it gives the idea that America has opportunity and fairness but does it really? In short it was only lip service. Tuskegee gave them syphilis and used them to kill Jews. That is what it took for society to accept them use and abuse them. Did any of this fix the plight of blacks? No. What did W.E.B. Dubois advocate? Something more along the lines of rejecting white culture and empowering blacks through business ownership. He wanted them in charge of their finances and ultimately their lives. If slavery was in full swing it is comparable to say Booker would have stayed on the plantation if they offered him another chicken a month while WEB wanted to own his own farm as a free man. I will go farther and pierce the veil deeper. In any era you have two blacks, one to control the upper class and one to control the lower class. Out of the two the upper class are always making excuses for cooning while the lower class leader has to say things that the lower class is more likely to agree with and therefore has to sound more honest. Maybe both are shills but the shill who has to control the poor has to tell the truth so that they do not see him as a traitor. Pointing out the flaws of another who is in good with whites is an easy way to ingratiate yourself with the common man.

    Culture needs to be oriented around defending blacks from real threats not illusionary ones. It needs to educate them on how to compete with whites in business and hard sciences, not stay out of their way and find a niche that is not threatening to their livelihood and continued exploitation. Blacks chose drugs, rap, and sports. This is to make a few well off while the rest suffer and does nothing to increase the overall intelligence of the race. This leads to chasing fast money at a detriment of permanent peace and lacking competency in required core skills and knowledge. It comes down to blacks need to be able to replace all functions that whites currently serve should they be annihilated. They need to understand architecture, machinery, physics, maintaining and building modern utilities systems and everything else. Being a stand up comic does not serve the needs of society in the same way these other skills do. Being a comic means being abused and using jokes to heal through the trauma you experienced. Actors are gay since Homers time. They gay you until you are emo or gay then have you act it out as a joke. The funnier your joke the more you must have been tortured by life. So this sets up people to be abused without them even realizing it because they are too busy trying to find work and succeed to understand they are voluntarily inviting abuse.

    The black panthers were right for among themselves. They were right for providing social services. They were wrong for taking it back to Africa because the entire continent is technologically backwards. The movie about Wakanda is a myth, they do not have technology programs like the Germans do nor mathematics and computer programs like the British do. The British stole a lot from the Germans. The Germans were and are heavy into the occult. They made deals to access that knowledge. They are evil. The British stole their designs and used their mathematics to reverse engineer some of it to make what is know the modern age. We can steal from the Germans too and all societies but must have the programs in place to have skilled engineers to be able to use it. Industrial espionage is acceptable in pursuit of liberation, supremacy, and domination. Whites stole a lot from blacks so it is okay to steal their technology. Claims of being too stupid to make yourself are not important. Making it yourself is playing fair and I have no obligation to treat them with anything that can be consider fair. Fuck them. Cultural appropriation is a weird term. If you understand war you understand that recaptured technology that leads to breakthroughs in science, engineering, and civilization are the goal and considered spoils. It is the whole fucking point not simply survive. The idea of simply surviving comes from victimhood thinking. The idea of calling it victimhood is to play with emotions and confuse the issue. The idea of confusing the issue is to use misdirection as a ploy to engage in spycraft and subversion. 90% of spywork is misdirection. Misdirection is called sleight of hand and related to magic. These people are in the occult. This is their understanding and mindset, everything centers around deceit and lies. They use illusion and strawman tactics.

    In evaluating ideas and proposed plans of action or being:

    The previous pages have covered a lot of information. To tackle such an exhaustive list I started at the beginning. Everything written so far falls under theory. This is my theory of how things are and should be and how to make it work. In that sense my theories are my opinions and based off my opinions is how I form my plans. To fix problems it might be a good idea to have a plan. Theorize what the problem is and then what the plan should be. Under lean manufacturing, sometimes called Sigma Six under the brand name, we do three things. First identify the problem, then isolate, then finally solve. This step approach is the practical application of theory.

    Without theory there is no plan and without plans there is no useful action. To act without planning to to either improvise or shoot from the hip. This solves minor problems but struggles with more complicated ones leading to inaction. I am looking at the problem of the illuminati from all angles and seeing how to take the beast down incrementally piece by piece. I have genuine hatred for them because they slighted me. I did not like their arrogant tone and claims of superiority, it was rude. I speak frankly about my plans because I feel that the world should know, it is important to me. They do shit then hide it and use silence and obscurity to conceal their crimes. Quite honestly I do not think it is right nor should it be allowed. That is why I am always critical of them. Exposure means death for them so I expose them. They are not very popular and since everyone hates them they are an easy target. If they were popular they would not hide. They hide because society does not approve of them and without societies backing they are left leading double lives which always complicates agendas. Since I am not scum like them I am unbothered by needing stealth or subterfuge. They want to create an environment where people act like them so that people are limited like them and make the same mistakes as them. Classic crabs in a barrel tactic.

    In ll cool J's song “who shot ya” prodigy from Mobb deep said “illuminati want my mind soul and body, secret society, trying to keep their eye on me, but I am going to stay incognito, make moves strategically, be in places they can't find me” and then something about comparing himself to a chess player. Here is the problem with what he said: Tupac was openly against the illuminati and popularized the idea of waging a cultural and spiritual war against them. The only reason Prodigy said what he said was to undermine Tupac and basically promote ideas counter to what Tupac was saying since Tupac's words were bothering them. Tupac says “I ain't hard to find...come see me... I be in the same places they be at.” Tupac was aggressive and openly defiant. This shows dominance over the opponent. It humiliated them because they rule through secrecy and need a submissive and docile slave class that is too timid to challenge them. When Prodigy says he will be incognito and be in places they can't find him he is essentially saying he is going to hide in a dark hole for fear of life and limb and never come out. That is submissive behavior and a sign saying everyone should bow down before the illuminati as rulers. I was not feeling that at all. Not only did Mobb deep never address the illuminati problem they only did so when it was Tupac who spoke out first. This is an example of black masons being used as controlled opposition to pretend to be against the illuminati when in reality they are not. If they say here is how to fight the illuminati it is only so you do not listen to Tupac since he was right and telling the truth. They never would have even mentioned illuminati unless directed to, they needed permission from elite and at the elite's request forced them to offer an alternate view to split dissent and and act as spoilers. They want to control everything so if people are going to be anti illuminati then they need their boy to tell blacks how to cope with the illuminati for fear that people with become brave and act like Tupac. Listening to Prodigy's advice leads to illuminati being uncontested but listening to Tupac creates revolutionary attitudes that makes it harder for them to enslave the masses. Mobb deep tried to steal thug life from Tupac and then was used to steal killuminati from Tupac. Biters. Even after being loyal to illuminati and appearing on the Alex Jones show to give a black face to fat boy's channel they still killed Prodigy. Alex Jones disrespected Tupac and so did Mobb Deep. That is why they chose Mobb Deep to Be on Alex's show. If blacks supported Prodigy then then would support Alex. Alex has a lot of problems and he personally insinuated things to me that were unprofessional. I do like like his calling me a butthole or openly discussing his homosexual relations with other masons. Right there he is not against the illuminati but a controlled puppet. He served more to introduce the illuminati as a recruitment tool then to actually run interference. He used to talk about illuminati codes and symbols and how to recognize the hidden shit so that people would be aware of the illuminati and eventually come to the conclusion that it is not so bad and join then or at least be their boy. People were easy to scare so they would either join at the bottom levels of white witchcraft or do their part in a small way but never have the ability to take up arms against them. This was a problem because it led to not caring about politics or even knowing how to anymore since everything was exposed as a ruse with politicians being fake enemies of each other and secret co conspirators with the Jew bankers to help advance the Zionist agenda.

    Nixon had a problem with the Jew cabal but was not a good person to the blacks. He claimed to dislike homosexuals but took every chance to defend them saying that they were victims or that he understood why they were gay. He listed Socrates and Aristotle as gays but noted that they were smart. He further went on to disparage blacks by claiming that although some were smart the majority were not and that the only way to improve their intelligence was through inbreeding. So Nixon is a moron and stupid. This is what American president have always been. Just stupid trolls who ride illuminati dick. Inbreeding causes mild retardation. Intelligence is not genetic but environmental. If you have good schools you will produce smarter citizens. The illuminati inbreed and therefore are not enlightened but stupid as fuck. So if you deny the 99.99% proper opportunities to learn and put all your resources behind stupid gays then it might appear that gays have some intelligence that straights do not process. This is a scam. It limits opportunity for straights forcing them to be poor and not able to breed larger families while offering incentive to not breed by being gay because of potential financial payoff. The illuminati want population control because they do not want the 99.99% to kill them and steal their shit. If someone is gay they are too pussy to fight and are almost always completely immoral. Let's just say they scare easier and are easier to work with. Since straight men have balls they would always pose a threat to the elite and since gays have no balls they never will it has been like this since antiquity. Gays are given artificial promotion while lying and claiming hardship and straights are forced to work harder for less money, title and privilege. Nixon fundamentally misunderstood pretty much everything he spoke on and was a nut job. He wanted to nuke Vietnam and had to be reined in by Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger was part of the Jew Cabal that Nixon claimed was out to get him but was using kaballistic Jews as his most trusted advisors. Kissinger was a mass murdering psycho yet even he claimed that using nukes would hurt image and would be going to far. Apparently he wanted to kill on the low instead of being seen as evil butchers. Nixon was a shill and knew it and everything he said was a lie and he knew it. Mind games. None of this people get far without knowing how the games are played and agreeing so serve as liars to dupe the American citizens they serve. I guess people really are that dumb and would believe the dumb lies told by inbred, mildly retarded politicians. The illuminati inbred because it helps them use bloodlines for occult reasons. They fuck ugly people and it is gross. They do everything wrong then stand in judgment of others to make them feel bad to control them when in fact they are mostly innocent. They use guilt trips to enforce religion and laws on people then break their own rules and are not very impressive. They hide their crimes by becoming law or government and witch hunting the innocent to protect themselves as the guilty. They are pieces of shit.

    So my ideas, theories, plans, and opinions are all one in the same. These are just synonyms of each other. I could use the scale to determine how to take my ideas from theory to implementation and use it to gauge effectiveness as to whether it is just theory, or something more. When it becomes fully implemented and refined to the point that something new altogether has to come along to supplant it I will list it as 100% practical while looking for new theory to test and implement so that I do not get stagnated with obsolete thinking and tactics. The scale helps keep cutting edge ideas at the forefront of societal engineering. Blacks failed when they became stagnated. Stagnation can be broken down into Boolean algebra as not forming the correct logic gates. This happens when people do not process information correctly. Just as computers freeze and get caught in a cyclic redundancy error people get stuck in ruts and go in circles. Programming people using computer science is more effective than using superstition or subliminals in media. But who has the time or math skills to contrive such a plot?

    If we wanted to be cruelly efficient people can to measured in dollars and cents for the purpose of deciding who lives in who dies. Of course such drastic actions are not necessary but it should be made public that systems of control have been developed to an exacting amount as a science that could be used for this purpose. Previously it was common place to say that a certain businessman was greedy and only viewed people as commodities and placed a dollar amount on their lives. If a person was injured or got sick would the employer pay for the medical treatment or just fire then as they could no longer work?

    African slaves were commodities and died to being overcrowded. Being overcrowded led to greater profits as under crowding would keep all slaves alive but at a lower profit overall. The idea of slavery and forced labor with little consideration to workers health or work conditions is not new but what is is the ability to calculate how much a person contributes to society and then using algorithms to determine on a point scale how valuable they are. I would not put death camps out to kill under working individuals but monitor progress and look for ways to improve life for all (except my enemies they would be executed under law for treason regardless of skill set). Knowing how control systems work in direct and indirect ways increases understanding of how to rule and control men. You do not take on the illuminati and fight them your entire adult life without learning concepts that are withheld from the majority of the popular. Almost anything can be a double edged sword with the ability to help or hurt depending on how it is wielded. The illuminati did bad things because they knew things that others didn't. When illuminati embraces certain technologies or science it taints it as automatically evil when in fact it is they are simply abusing it. Because they make knowledge and power or money look bad people start rejecting the very things they need to defeat the illuminati and take back control. They are scared into thinking that the illuminati has exclusive rights to a certain process or method and that utilizing or having knowledge of their activities automatically makes you as bad as them. If you do process the traits or skills they deal in and crave you are a threat to you and very actively will recruit you because they want the best of the best to serve them and moreover it would not be good to have people as talented or more than them free to oppose them. That is why they suck up to smart people. They want to lure or corrupt them to their side so they do not have to fight them later. If you are not smart and try to oppose them they will attack you dismissively because they compare ignorance to weakness and if your are stupid and weak then you are worthless and better off attacked or placed in containment until you agree to serve them. Without technical skills you will be targeted for rule by economics, prison, and various other forms of harassment. If you have technical skills it becomes much harder to defeat you since you can easily avoid most of the problems the 99.99% struggle with. Combining technical skills with life experience and a lack of naivete then you could theoretically use your skills to fuck their lives up really bad with little to no retaliation suffered on your behalf. So that is why religion is useless because it does not teach how to fight the illuminati. All it does is say read the bible and that will protect you spiritually (HAHAHA). Church is for people who are too scared to fight and use it as a crutch since they refuse to use their brain and do what is necessary to defeat the illuminati and anybody else that needs to be removed from power. If people studied science on Sunday and read science books instead of the bible there would be zero illuminati. Religion has failed and only is used to destroy knowledge so that people can not use it to destroy the illuminati.

    I tried to use religion to oppose the illuminati but everyone in church was a mason on working for them so it was pointless. These are people who protect the illuminati and are in cahoots with them. How can you fight a spiritual battle by going to a building that is full of illuminati pretending to be Christians, or Muslims, or Jews? You can't. It is weird that all these people are bad but try to hide it by going to church as a chore to prove their devotion. If you really wanted to worship Jesus why does it have to be in a church crawling with bad masons? Satanists use black mass just to make satanists who hide in the church look better by comparison. It is weird that by using satanists hiding in the church they attempt to cause people to lose faith in hopes that they will come running to the open willing arms of the elite and the illuminati. Church is crap and so is satanism as they are the same. Even if God was real and they destroyed the church somehow you could still if really needed worship privately. The thing about Christians is they are controlled by Jews who pretend to be Christians, they are crypto-christians. Jesus had beef will Jews since back in the day. He talked shit about them and chased the money changers out of the temple. He was against pretty much everything the organized church does today. He said that three or more make a church and you do not need their building. If you go to that building it is to be around like minded people that you trust to be honest and not misrepresent themselves. These people are bad and can not be trusted so it defeats the purpose to associate with them. You would be better off alone then in a den of snakes and false preachers. The irony of course is that by rejecting the modern church and all it's tenements you are actually following what Jesus preached and represented. What a mind fuck. He was the original rebel and bad ass and that is why Jews killed him. He was calling himself god and fucking up their money and control. So it is weird to shame people into organized religion or trying to use it as some sort of proof that you are righteous. All church and reading the bible is is sucking up and trying to impress the illuminati that you subscribe to their indoctrination.

    Black people were really stupid for trying to claim Moses and Jesus as black. They were trying to fight over white religion so they could somehow be accepted by whites as equals. Silly stupid ignorant motherfuckers. They thought that a run for white religion would somehow make them the controllers of the Holy roman empire. It is weird but if they really did invent the religion then how could all the bibles are written in English? Where is the ancient bibles in their native African languages? So they are stupid for cooning to white Jesus and then using that as an excuse to say since Jesus had a fucked up life he must be black, he went to jail he died an so on. Why would you make arguments for your own continued suffering? Why would you sell out and encourage ideas that the blacks lot in life is to suffer? Christianity is a religion for slaves. It was invented to create slaves. It was used on African slaves to help them cope with being a slave and is still used to guilt trip blacks into submitting before false gods and rulers. It is used by whites to suppress black thought and freedom. White Jesus is poison and there is no black Jesus. Jesus had hair of wool because he was a Jew. All Jews have orange afros and want mixed races in America so instead of blending in with whites only they can blend in with blacks as well. Once they are done using you they will destroy you. If religion is supposed to liberate the black man from his slave labor then have religion teach military tactics and the manufacture of ar-15's because that is what is needed. They used religion because they knew that people would reject normal instincts to kill their oppressors but rather love them. That is stupid as fuck and anybody who stands for love is a fool. Love is just code for being somebodies punk bitch. I stand for truth based on logic not lies based on emotion. Emotion is what happens when you can not think clearly. 100% of guilt trips and laws and shit the illuminati says is 100% emotion based and 0% based on logic.

    The illuminati destroys real culture and replaces it with fake controlled indoctrination. If I am to fix the illuminati I have to scrap the falsehoods and culture they have created which is not a simple one step process. For every fake cultural aspect they have constructed they have construed a knee jerk reaction where to reject one thing they do you accept another they have ready built and lined up. F people do not understand engineering society then they fall into traps left and right and do not know how to resist or fight because they do not know how to dominate and rule over the illuminati. They see themselves as underdogs and that is a pity. To create society and civilization you need a plan and to think of something new. Unfortunately the illuminati destroys creatively so people do not have the ability to plan. That is why they are hopeless. But I can and will.

    All Blacks-----> Real estate----->Physical fitness---->Education------>World Domination

    2 billion in land
    In the form of a park or campus
    body building
    martial arts

    Buy the land and use park like setting for outdoor sports and recreation. Train soldiers to murder all whites, gays, and Jews otherwise known as the illuminati and the free masons. The outdoor setting will be used for training soldiers in body building, hand to hand combat, and weapons range shooting particularly long distance scoped rifle use and drive bys from moving vehicles and elevated ranges.

    Land is cheap buy that first and force blacks to settle there as colonists. This is not from humble beginnings this is the highest level of military and state development available. To over throw the united states government that has approximately 1.2 million active duty and 1 million reserve soldiers a sizable army is required that is heavily armed and better trained. The Jews with their influence over white education and training have weakened the white race to the point of being complacent and docile. Jews have stymied and retarded their mental and physical development. They are stupid chattel. They lack military proficiency and academic excellence. A stronger, smarter army would defeat theirs easily.

    Since Jews do not love whites they do not care if goyim die. Make a false alliance with the Jews to use them for resources. Use the resources to kill off the enemy who stole my shirt and insulted me at the Tacoma mall. Once the enemy is defeated double cross the Jews and multiculturalists and so called equality promoters. I really do hate them. Once in control of the central bank and all US companies the Jews now cut off financially will not be able to bribe cultists to serve them nor will they be able to procure weapons to defend themselves. Kill their professors and knowledgeable students to leave the lower class cultists without aid nor leadership. Herd them like cattle and execute them.

    Before a war three things are desirable. 1. A stronger army. 2. A smarter army. 3. A permanent peace plan after the war.

    To kill the illuminati PERMANENTLY you have to cut off their funding. This was said to be impossible because they own everything through through Jewishness. This is nonsense and utter propaganda. While Jews control all the important land, businesses, government, military, and the central bank it is easy to invert their power structure owing to the fact they are idiotic devil worshipers who can be manipulated using their own religion and world view against them. Once they are brainwashed we can steal their power by dissolving the United States Government by privatizing it. First war, then business, then peace. I made the sacrifices that others did not. I care.

    If competitive black companies are formed, which is easy to do, then that steals market share from illuminati owned fronts and diverts funding to black owned anti illuminati organizations. So I personally can guarantee 100% black independent companies that can employ every black American in the united states. While this provides economic relief for the under served it does not pose a threat to the current ruling establishment. I need more black engineers, doctors, programmers, and math experts.

    To ensure permanent peace all whites must be killed. To do this a new world order must be created that does not include the jew. The Jews and gays are to blame for everything and the reason we are fighting. The point is I can give stupid black people jobs at $15-20 and up in factories producing items and weapons for the military. They are the first generation of blacks that represent the lack of opportunity denied to them by the racist gays and Jews. SO they will get crap jobs that they will think is a blessing of some sort. They are to stupid or lazy to get better skills or learn a trade and like a bitch beg whites for jobs they will not get. They have not learned how to create there own jobs and are a disgrace in the view of leadership Marcus Garvey.

    They will accept total conformity to my plan or be killed off and replaced by automated processes. They only real detractors will come in the form of faggots and we do not want them anyways. Blacks imprisoned being released will have a hard time finding employment. When I offer them gainful employment that will secure their living needs and I will be hailed as a national treasure for reducing recidivism. They will work for me faithfully since they harbor hate towards the faggots that locked them down and the system that created impossible situations for them. They will work making weapons for my trained soldiers or become a trained soldier for me. This is the easiest and fastest way to victory. They will not miss white people.

    Trying anything else is too expensive or time consuming to the point of being to slow to work. Once they are housed and employed they will be able to marry and start families. They will agree to have their children educated at my centers. At my centers their children will receive the higher education that they never had the opportunity to have. This will create the the upper class of engineers that will build the future world and society, all according to my designs. Hardened criminals coming out of the penal system will most likely prefer working with their bodies doing manual labor or serving as a security force as opposed to learning and skill building. This suits me because it will cost me less money and someone has to be the lower class. To prevent the same weakness in whites and current upper class black sellouts my school will have to serve as a black counterpart to the citadel as a military institute. Military conquest is first and foremost and all engineering is geared to weapons of war and medicine relating to racial security. Students will be instructed in hand to hand combat and military tactics such as rifle marksmanship.

    Further raise money through manufactured good and retail services. Further take over media and use broadcasts to propagandize and further impoverish the jew while breaking his power base.

    Further destabilize the UN and other western and eastern powers including Russia, China, and Israel.

    Depopulate white,gays, and Jews in America through urban warfare and forced homosexuality to the extent of limiting their voting base while raising ours. 40 million blacks in America right now to an estimated 227 million whites. At a ratio of 1:6 it would not take much to tip the the scale to have blacks out number whites in America thus becoming the majority. A trained soldier can easily take out 40-60 untrained civilians therefore doing the work of 10 men. Of course homosexuals are the the weakest of civilians. Cull their numbers, destabilize the government and corporations and replace with our own.

    Create an evil Baal like cult for turncoats to embrace their illuminati heritage while simultaneously betraying it. Have them kill each other for me in ritualistic fervor. Add drugs and alcohol to make them easy to control and more frenzied during their coked out murder and rape sprees.

    Replace smart whites with smart blacks I train so that the world is not in the hands of incompetent black leaders who do not understand how to engineer society.

    Kill the black masons for backstabbing. No nap. If they were any good then why do I have to be the one to do this? What have they done? They are stupid drug addicts addicted to vice who cared more about self gratitude then overthrowing the evil culprit. THEY DID NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT REAL THEY ARE FAKE AND AKIN TO TRAITORS.


    They are too stupid to build the type of world required after the downfall of the enemy. They are swindlers and crooked. They possess no real useful skills. I need city engineers and bankers and business men and doctors and college educated in real skills. They faced the same oppression as all blacks but sold out for easy money.

    The Goal: Self reliance and independence from outside subversion.

    The Plan: Establish independent organizations aimed toward that goal.

    The Strategy: Direct competition with with competing world powers.

    The means: My brilliant leadership.

    Obstacles to success: None.

    Perceived obstacles to success: Not adhering to the plan and strategy due to lack of discipline and fear.

    Misconceptions- A mistaken belief is that the illuminati or government is too big to defeat. That it is something to survive or simply demoralize out of commission. That survive, adapt, elude is the best method of operation. In reality the enemies power structures can be taken apart piece by piece until nothing is left. This is the truth that is withheld from the indoctrinated. The indoctrinated be it military operators, leftist survival groups, or anti NWO dissents all believe mistakenly that the forces they face are too overwhelming to conqueror so that political compromise or settling for less becomes the typical mindset. The mind gives up before the body and the simple fact is that the majority of illuminati opponents are white who do not have the same motivation to see it's demise. Whites are weak and have been spoiled by white government and illuminati. When things were unpleasant they took critical stances against the illuminati but were not driven by compelling reasons to truly oppose them. They in effect became controlled opposition. They were set up for harassment so that when they were seen as the leading force attacking the illuminati no one else would have to. Half were on the take and the other half were weak and simply confused and engaged into pointless battles that played our their emotions than really serving to defend or protect against a sacred way of life. They did not know what was going on, were to stupid to learn or find out, and were driven by fear and confusion to see things clearly enough to formulate logical step by step plans. This led to under planning and missing what the real goals should be and how to achieve them. They did not understand the threat that the illuminati represented and either sold out or chickened out. Understanding the real threat forces one into a corner where fighting is the only option. In essence they do not fight and ended up giving away their freedom for security and ended up with neither.

    When so called white warriors pushed their outdated and faulty political views and takes of how to deal with the illuminati they looked stupid. Seeing them as stupid make would be black leaders disaffected and uninterested in fighting the illuminati or Freemasons since they did not want the embarrassment on failure experienced by the whites. White people in their weak resistance set a bad example that made it look not so much that the illuminati was so strong for fighting them was so hopeless but more that fighting would be pointless and only lead to wasted effort and humiliation. The whites were chosen to fight as it was known not only would they fail but make the concept of fighting seem dull and unintelligent. The whites make a case for not fighting in the sense that people did not want to look retarded or become retarded by copying whites and falling into the same traps as them. Blacks always had the will and strength to fight but after seeing white people lead the fight down a stupid path it gave blacks pause and led them to second guess no if to fight but how. This second guessing strategy led to hesitation and stagnation. In time complacency followed since without a clear plan or strategy there could be no daily training or building of resistance based culture. Culture became infused without surrender and anti militant statements from the likes of music and film. Complacent black leaders in the form of religion, civil rights, celebrity and others generally accepted a subservient and cow tow approach to dealing with the threat. These leaders set blacks up for failure by essentially having then settle for serving whites and cohabitulating with them instead of overthrowing them. It was always upon blacks to play the role of MLK or Gandhi while whites could be dismissive to claims of injustice or unfairness in the American society and legal system. The whole system is perverted by masonic jew presence and this is easily seen in the form of the democratic party which is a majority jew party that is anti wealth and pro communism but claims it is for the blacks in this country, that somehow it is the party for them. Where are the black leaders to denounce this as simply untrue? Instead they hold to the ideas that Jews put out and expect their followers to do the same. If they were true leaders they would promote groups led by blacks and for blacks instead of simply being absorbed into white ones. These are not leaders these are blacks chosen by Jews to advertise jew policy with a black face.

    It was relayed to me that people did not need waking up or being informed of the problems they potentially face. It was said that they realize the problems but lack deductive analysis skills and correct plans of action. They know the problems but do not know have to solve them. There was a sense of frustration. They were frustrated with someone telling them what to do but not how to do it. So I guess I have to become supreme leader and hold people by the hand as if they were my children. Fine. If they knew the problem what kept them from articulating their difficulties in formulating proper solutions? Why did they not give proper feedback or ask for help. All they had to do is say: I have this problem. How do I fix it? What steps specifically do I take? If I take your advice I am worried that I will run into this specific obstacle. If I do how do I eliminate this obstacle to achieve success using your suggestions? This is all they had to say and they did not do if because they were too defeated already mentally to even try. They lost hope in freedom of speech and freedom of self to do as they required to improve their living conditions. They felt they needed permission from the enemy to live and compete and logically the enemy would not in their mind give them permission so they stayed silent. That is called being a kept woman. Remember that no well behaved woman ever made history and that black men should never be seen as weak white women. They should represent strength.

    Blacks who sold out are called free masons. They serve white rule and only care about money. They are not paid the same as white masons so look dumb.

    Things that can serve as obstacles to success are the machinations of the free masons. For the purpose of this text the assumption is made that free masons are stupid and homosexual so they can not possibly represent greater spy craft. This means that blacks only lose if they agreed to take a dive and let the whites win. If fighting and resisting honestly blacks will easily dominate the whites. For this to not occur means that a master race of blacks choose to lose and not compete against a weaker genetically more inferior race. The idea that whites were ever better is a lie. Blacks who wanted to promote the black race into leadership roles were attacked by their own. This is why it is okay to murder traitors without risk of causing genocide to occur. If a black is a house nigga or uncle tom in the form of homosexuality or other anti black forms then he is not black but rather white. Black is a state of mind that encourages strength. Being gay means weakness and weakness can not be tolerated if success is honestly desired. Being gay is a joke and the gay agenda of the whites therefore all homosexuals are to be viewed as mentally retarded and homosexuality itself a mental disorder. Historically homosexuality was viewed as a mental illness until gay jew psychiatrists fought hard in the 1970's and up to publish fake findings through their biased studies to prove being gay was normal and not stupid. Common sense says that it is. Everyone knows this but is afraid to speak out for fear of illuminati controlled societal retaliation. Only gays themselves are allowed to mock themselves freely since it is a fuck you to the world that even though they admit being wrong you can not hold them accountable. The lie says they are right and then they confess to being wrong to through it in your face but even them can not hold them accountable for their admissions, duplicity, nor their actions.

    A simple list of supposed threats or ideas that say my plan in not operable:

      Excuse: They have too much power and to compete must start at the top.

      Answer: I started at the top for fund raising but combined a top bottom and middle approach to secure all sectors of civilization to control with an iron fist to prevent illuminati from controlling with an iron fist. Starting at the bottom is very relevant for many reasons. When your enemy tells you anything he is always trying to trick you. The problem with this form of attack is that the illuminati are not always right even if they think they are. They are made of of people who by their very nature must be stupid so that their handlers can control them. If they were smart they would not submit but instead would have the intelligence to be handlers themselves. Therefore when they lie they are simply low level messengers delivering a message that their handlers authorized and wrote.

    Excuse: If you start at the bottom you will never get to the top.

    Answer: If illuminati forces you to start at the bottom it is to create an unbalance of power and serves as containment. It's purpose is to marginalize politically and economically. You will not have enough resources to compete on an equal scale. If you view non violent protest and free elections as the solution your party will be underfunded and any candidates will fail to secure votes. Therefore vote democratic or risk being a spoiler. And if you risk being a spoiler the democrat opponent will be propped up as a vehement racist scaring you into making sure the democrat wins or else being stuck with a leader who is against your race. This is false evidence of racism but enough to scare voters into submission and choose a democrat leader that does

    not really represent them but will be voted for and elected anyways. When problems remain or are worse under the administration the conservatives will gloat that it was the blacks own leaders who caused the problem and not the republicans. Regardless as is government has had a poor reputation for race relations in America and it is all a scheme. Government can not fix your problems and takes away the tools for free men to fix their own problems in a way that is in accordance to their personal lifestyle. Government solutions are fascist and take away freedom from the individual and put sovereignty with the state instead of with the people. We must return sovereignty to the people through restoring American freedoms. Whether you are politically defeated in a show election or not is immaterial. The true purpose of elections is to provide the appearance of people having a say in how they are governed when in reality it is like government operates like a cult saying that you have free will but in reality uses coercion to force you into using said will to agree with them in all matters that dictate your behavior and choose of lifestyle and livelihood. This is fascism of the state pretending to liberty loving. Elections serve as false proof that this is a free country governed by laws that are upheld and government is responsible in caring for it's citizens to ensure that their freedoms are protected, that democracy is real and works. You build a political front not to grandstand on political stages with messages of change but rather to secure in yourself a place were regardless of what political group is in power that your rights as a dissident or separatist are maintained under a live and let live construct. This follows that if you are not denying liberty to others they can not deny your rights or constitutional freedoms. What happens is that fascists in control take to media to bully free people into accepting their world views and then call it advocacy. Advocacy is just shaming others into giving away their freedom because of societal pressures on misguided and ignorant expectations of what is moral and what is not. It is not immoral to refuse to support lifestyles or political movements you do not subscribe to and any attempt to threaten of force you to change your political position or lifestyle because of what media says is paramount to tampering with your liberty, it is denying you freedom of expression and freedom of choice. Start your group however small and grassroots. Instead of trying to become large and bullying others into your way of thinking be content with having a secured right to be yourself and the ability to freely express your own opinions and views without fear of retaliation or punishment. You do not need to control all of society you need to be able to think for yourself without anyone deciding for you who you are and how you should think or live. When emphasis becomes set on controlling national politics it creates a zero sum game where whatever group rises to power it is as the destruction and abasement of all others. By denying liberty to others you have created a situation where despite only trying to survive and protect your rights you are now attacking the rights of others. If your attacks are unwarranted and nobody was denying you constitutionally protected rights then it opens the door for them to defend by means against you since you have crossed the line and are now a terrorist. If you intent was to protect against unprovoked abuse then it is necessary to abuse any innocent groups or persons. If persons or groups are guilty of terrorizing you then you have the duty to defend by any means to uproot and destroy the immoral actions of others. When someone takes away your freedom they forfeit the right to theirs. No one take away your right to perform legal actions and if they do then they are a sinner and must be punished. If you are taking away their right to act in manners that are in accordance with the law then you are a sinner and must be punished. If you are protected in your way of life then you are free to a) walk,talk, think, speak, dress, behave, and feel however you want, which leads to b) freedom to choose a livelihood that suits your interests and personal talents, which leads to c) stability in the workplace as a functional adult, which leads to d) freedom and opportunity to choose friends that share your likes and moral code, which leads to e) the freedom and opportunity to choose a suitable mate of your liking, which leads to f) improved chances of superior breeding, improved chances of

    your offspring being successful adults, which leads to g) building successful family branches and trees, which leads to h) well run societies with lower poverty, crime and despair, which leads to i) a more fair system that democracy promised and continues to promise but has no real

    intention of living up to said promises of America and it's intent to live by it's word. America aspires to have equality and fairness but never really cares. It chooses saying it instead of mandating it. Communism is bad where the government is the only people with money while everyone else is poor. In china there are a few tech billionaires coming out of their emerging free markets but they are said to be in cahoots with the government. In any country there are only two classes, the rich and the poor. The rich in communism countries are almost exclusively government officers since all business is conducted by state run enterprises. The better you are in with the government the more they support you financially. More and more this is technology companies making communists rich since china expects the western world to either have a device that is connected with wifi and can be hacked or causing dependence on technology limiting their productivity or causing them to choose play over work making them degenerates like they did in the 80's with video games. There have been allegations of people being addicted to technology. Technology is addictive like any drug and often very expensive easily out pricing it's utility versus it's price. When having the latest most expensive item becomes mandatory you have to ask yourself is it really adding this much value to my life or taking away time and money that could be spent investing in other skills, business opportunities, or community projects. Technology has only one purpose: increasing productivity. If all it does is lower output while draining resources then it is anti productive and therefore anti technology. It is bad tech that exists only to hinder lifestyle instead of benefit it. China is able to make technology that western consumers crave that lowers western output while increasing Chinese output. The Chinese then improve several ways. They learn mathematics and programming, they learn manufacturing, and they help themselves to profits building up their countries. If you start a successful program of any scale it can be scaled to any scale. If you are so hard in your cause that you struggle and fail you provided a model for other blacks to improve on. A black group that loses all elections has at the very least held to aspirations of the black panther party in that they created a place where blacks could be black and freely express themselves without worry of having to coon for whites. That is more important than any election because it solves all the problems that blacks face through discrimination and racism.. Racism simply means you are too black in tone and behavior for whites to subjugate you and others of your political mindset. If you can freely demonstrate black pride and culture without fear of being told to reel it in then racism is defeated. When MLK said that he wanted to be friends with whites he was a fool. Whites have shown a consistent warlike attitude to even the most non violent blacks. This is not new argument and has been said countless times before, how many times is it going to be repeated in the future. Look at what they did to Jussie Smollett. He was a dumb queer who was super gay and weak and since being protected by Hollywood in the form of defending gays using liberal media to the point gays or any other targeted group are expected to put their life in the hands of others instead of doing the right thing and taking steps to responsibly safeguard their own well being. He was complacent and trusted masonic Jews to save him and they could

    not. This is why being gay is weak soldiering. Even if this was some bullshit inside job it just shows that they are pathological liars and not interested in the truth. They had to beat themselves up to pretend to be afflicted with the same discrimination that straight black men face every day. The illuminati rewards gays because it is a sign of agreeing to never be a threat to them. I seriously do not care what happens to blacks who coon by bitching out and being gay for pay. They choose the easy way and did nothing to respect the black race or it's past history and further make a mockery of the injustices suffered at the hands of the illuminati by saying it was them too when it never was. They lie about the problems facing the black community and support gay rights at the detriment of black rights. All racists hate blacks because they are a threat to their jobs and economy and hate gays because they are weak are traitors regardless of the race they once came from. Every gay black man is a credit to the white jew alliance to destroy the black race through disarmament and stupidification. Gays are something to mock or make your enemy become so they are easier to fight and defeat. Gays are bad at breeding and raising the population. There is no tolerance for gays since they are unacceptable. Being gay is as bad as joining the illuminati itself. Mostly there is no separation from illuminati and gays at the bottom. At the top they may have stricter enforcement. Create what is best for the black race only, address problems that uniquely affect it. Disallow other races problems or concerns. Do all this in a way that does not play into the illuminati or any other groups attempts at stifling the black race from becoming dominant. All problems the black race faces are solved through my plans. Outside of this it is more of the same which is illuminati hiring black masons to do a shit job of being leaders and dooming us all. If our group somehow failed in it's early inception another future black would come along and eventually through the generations we would claim victory over the illuminati and punish them for torturing us and making our lives miserable. However since I personally am leading the charge there will not be a need for future leaders to pick up where I fail because I will not fail. I will create measures that secure immediate relief and security and promote permanent peace and success. Anyone who is critical of me and my listed agendas is a traitor working for the illuminati. They do not care about the truth and are simply spies sent to run interference to keep the black race down by undermining me. I do not trust anyone who speaks doubtful of me and scores points for the enemy. There is no love for the enemy and I have thought long and hard about what needs to be done at no small personal cost to myself. The detractors are pretty much white trash with black skin and do not deserve to be seen as members of the black race. The same goes for homosexuals. If you are gay you are not considered a member of the black race that is defiant of the illuminati and dedicated to it's destruction. You are a bitch and fuck you. Stop claiming hardship when you where uncle toms that stabbed us in the back when your Jew slave masters told you to. The only reason you have a job working for them is because you are more of a gay prostitute then any real intelligence you have or any other talent. Being gay makes you too corrupt to speak out against true injustice and prime to use your black identity as a Trojan horse for fucking stupid LGBT nonsense. We do not want you or need you. You are the the handicapped kid on the dodge ball team that gets picked last. This goal of defeating the enemy has been fought for too long to be thwarted by having undedicated persons of low integrity and ethics fuck it up for all innocent blacks who TRULY suffered. You are not good enough and deep down you know you are a liar and piece of shit.

    Excuse: Blacks are too criminal and gangsta all the time

    Answer: Hire them as construction workers and security forces.

    Excuse: We need whites to support us to win elections to put our guy in.

    Answer: Politics is the act of compromise. I will not compromise my integrity for the sake of bipartisan politics nor to protect the white mans social construct of white dominated government. We need to solve our own problems through job creation that serves true needs of the black community not fake jobs that tie into white control systems but rather break away from it in an effort to be self sufficient. This is known as state creation. We need to overpopulate and outnumber the whites. I do not care shorty dropped out of school and had a boatload of children. I will employ and educate them all in a black reeducation center. Whites are gay and reaching negative population growth. Good. When blacks reach superior numbers they will be

    the majority and cooning will be obsolete. We will elect our own black lawyers and businessmen to serve and rule will little to no regard of the selfish and corrupt wishes of those that put us in this rotten mess. Payback is a bitch.

    Excuse: You want too much too fast.

    Answer: Your a faggotass nigga trying to hold me back. Stop suffering from crab in a barrel syndrome.

    Excuse: You are talking to reckless. The FBI will kill you.

    Answer: I am saying what needs to be said. It is my right and duty. I did not look for leadership it chose me. Nobody will kill anybody. They use containment over murder. Being dead is better than being you. They wronged me and revenge I swore. It boils down to either being smart enough to win liberty for all blacks or forever being a slave whose lot in life is to suffer and be seen as some sort of social leper with being black considered a disability. I am not genetically inferior so I will not lose to slope headed neanderthals.

    Excuse: To win we need thinkers not gangsters.

    Answer: Are they really criminally minded or put in their heads that they are as bad as others say? Does their life not have value and they are to be seen as some animal to throw away in prison? America was fucked up and shitted on black people. They were forced into the cracks of society and when i try to redeem individuals who the world has disavowed, all you can do is be negation. I am a fucking saint. It is like you do not want to see us win. Whatever their crime they were set up for failure by a society that used them as scapegoats in capitalist drug dealing headed by the us government, CIA, bush, and Clinton. They deserved better. I will give them a chance to redeem themselves and fuck over the system the same way it fucked them over. If they fuck anything us for me then that will be handle on an individual basis. We do need thinkers but how is that supposed to work? Thinkers come from white controlled university and are indoctrinated and probably recruited into free masonry, homosexuality or worse in league with the jew. We need a base for training prisoners (here on referred to as soldiers) coming home from prison. Then we need to secure our businesses with them as armed guards. Then we need school so we can teach children and adults and even entire families defense and academics so we can defeat the whites, Asians, Jews, and all other in every aspect of racial dominance. If black people refuse to be a part of the solution to their own salvation then they are genetically inferior akin to dodo birds responsible for lacking the ability to take the opportunities to defend their race from destruction. I will them and their children a gun and a book not one or the other. I am not raising any punks. Seriously if I only acted like upper class blacks mattered then that is like saying only blacks who cooned for status and opportunity matter. That is fucked up thinking. You act like people choose negative environments or circumstances like there was not a global conspiracy to defraud and imprison them. Without people personally impacted by illuminati and knowing of their treacherous schemes it is hard to trust them to do the noble thing and gun them down when need be. Isolated and sheltered individuals seem to grow weak and embrace their lies and end up getting fucked in the game because they gave too much love to illuminati that was underhanded. It is embarrassing so I recommend avoiding that.

    Excuse: What if it is hard?

    Answer: There is no other acceptable solution presented. We follow my protocols until something better presents it's self. What if I train all to do the hard effortlessly. You need to change your thinking and ask better questions instead of trolling me. Your life depends on success and you waste time bullshitting and making excuses. If it came down to your being prepared meant the saving of another black life then that is a sacrifice you should be willing to make. It is better to save a life then protest afterwards about how we, he, she were victimized.

    Excuse: It cost too much.

    Answer: You do not understand world markets, global trade, engineering society, creation of wealth nor it's secrets, how to ball like me and pimp the new nikes. I believe heavily in my life's work and would spare no expense to usher in a world of change as outlined in my thesis. I care less about wealth creation and more about engineering the globe and being a world controller. Through that immense wealth is created. Once past the reptilian limbic autoflex of money for survival higher cognitive processes take affect like what to do with the money when you get it. I have a sound plan of action backed by fiscal responsibly and austerity when required.

    Early on I experienced more dissent and the excuses I heard were more to my preliminary plans. I offered to be reasonable and work with any interested parties before being radicalized and anti all white culture. They refused to be polite because they are bad people. This is there fault. They start fights because they are either stupid and like senseless destruction or think they can win. It was difficult to know who actually was serious about not facing total doom and who was just a typical self loathing cultist who embraced demise. They rejected any talk that sounded of non violent resolution. They pushed extremism and I think it is because in the past it has typically worked for them. Upon realizing they bit off more then they could chew they decided that instead of admitting hubris they doubled down in an effort to save face while going down with the ship. I heard weird excuses earlier on that dealt with technical aspects of my plan. For every hardship or difficulty I either had a prepared contingency for any issues to be faced or I manufactured one. Eventually because I was faced with constant racial mistreatment I became radicalized to see the mission through. I blame the CIA for purposely creating blow back and starting a war that could have easily been prevented. They are like DMX in the movie BELLY when the “kid shoots the other kid in the restaurant” scene. They are antagonisers to the fullest. They would rather talk tough then actually be about anything of real importance. They display toxic masculinity. They had dumb “what if” questions to gauge responses to certain stimuli in an apparent attempt to create a base model for profiling. In most situations it would try to override common sense reflexives with other thinking leading to panic, anxiety, and maybe in decision or hesitation. This is why being thugged out matters. You cut the crap and beat the shit out of wimpy illuminatus that try to debate you to death. When engaging with liars you give rise to further trespasses since you are letting them commit treacherous acts unpunished. As always if you want to change behavior you have to increase the penalties for bad behavior. If I warned of consequences there would be a perfunctory mocked reply in the form of “don't say he didn't warn us lol.”. It must be remembered that they are the bad guys not me. They push things to an extreme and must be stopped period. To let then slide is weakness.

    Opposition: How does that work?

    Me: How do you think shit head?

    Opposition: That is hypothetical money.

    Me: Here is numerous models that predict there are more resources available than you are conceding.

    [I now believe they were referring to market speculation and that hypothetical money is a form of traded currency called credit in the derivatives market]

    Opposition: The N!gger is too big.

    Me: (WTF?! I think they want to expose themselves without actually provoking a war. Must be low level racist from puyallup, Washington. Remember to cleanse that city.)

    Opposition: We made you.

    Me: Everything I did was because of my own self taught style and not introduction into your masonry of CIA mkultra.

    Opposition: We have people everywhere.

    Me: Then you are not truly 0.0001%. Greater numbers have never confirmed victory in battle. It comes down to skill and training. You are as numerous as equally worthless.

    Opposition: Weirdo!

    Me: I'm not gay!

    Opposition: That is why we are out to get you!

    Earlier this year my wallet was stolen. I have replaced all cards except my photo ID. From at least april 5th till april 25th I have tried unsuccessfully to replace my license. This is an ongoing issue. DOL is refusing to issue me a license. As a result it interferes with my money. Specifically it makes it hard to establish new bank accounts and obtain my passport. I consider this a violation of civil rights. Since government has failed at every level of providing fair treatment and equality to me it must be stated that they are confirmed white suppremacists. Any freemason connection to them is immaterial.

    Since the state of washington hires democrats to lie to black people it is betraying and stabbing in the back I have no faith in America nor it's institutions. Democrats have not ever done anything to ensure fair treatment of black citizens but instead insists on marginalizing them and burdening them with artificial barriers to freedom and success. They are racist and that is the only purpose of any American law: criminalize all behavior and only enforce it on blacks to limit their numbers so that this is always a white majority rule nation. 100% of crime comes from government. Blacks are 0% responsible for crime. Crime is a farce used to legitimize criminal actions by the law and their supporters.

    Everytime I go to DOL they make excuses for not issuing me a driver's license. First they said I had to establish my identity. This is a lie because I have had the same residence since 1990. Further I have had my background throughly vetted by the cdl program. To establish my identity is as simple as giving my social security number and looking up my photo in their system. They are pathological liars.

    They also said that I needed a physical exam because "someone told them that I might have a condition which makes it unsafe for me to drive". I stated that a physical exam is for renewing my cdl and I only wanted to renew my regular license. They said that I needed an exam for my regular license. Here is the beginning of understanding why healthcare is a myth (also education. Heathcare is simply a tax for insurance to steal from people. As such the blacks are the heaviliest taxed (not the rich). The only time the rich pay more in taxes is why there is a direct tie in with eliminating income the blacks should have recieved to prevent them from being poor to begin with. In other words black people are poor because of the government overtaxing them through democratic taxes and republican racism.

    So I was forced to email the DOL to remove this reqirement which they did. Then I went online to apply for my license online. They gave me what was called a pre-application. This means that I can not apply online for my license and it is a waste of time. However it stated that I needed different government forms to prove my identity and that once I had these forms bring them to DOL with a printed copy of the pre-application letter. If this is the case why even bother completing a pre-application online? This bueracracy for the sake of bueracracy. Red tape exists only to make life harder for blacks. It does not affect any other race in america because mason fast track all other through since they are all corrupt and in cahoots to work against the hard working atheistic black man. The take away is that they use application processes to deny blacks anything and everything that is offered to whites free of having to deal with the application process. If you want a job you can have one for free, no dues required. If they make you fill out an application it is just for show to pretend that they actually have standards of fairness. Black people are mocked for not being able to fill out job applications. What stops them from gaining employment is not being able to write, (a very racist put down and insult to black intelligence), but rather employers are racist.

    I went to DOL forms in hand. When I got there the lazy bitch whose sole job is to issue waiting tickets asked me what state I was applying for my license. Shit like that is racist. Lying to someones face and trolling them is disrespectful and and atypical of government and their treatment of blacks. I said washington state. For no reason she got an attitude and told me that "hey not all people here are for washington state licenses". I took a mock survey of about the 40 people their and noone was applying for an out of state license. How do you even do that?

    When I got up to the counter they said I did not need my paperwork I had. They said I only needed to give them my social security number. I asked them then why did the person on April 5th lie to me and say that I needed to prove my identity. She said because the person was a liar.

    To get a license you just go there and pay. So far I had been told to take a physical I did not need, which if through their network costs $200 (Puyallup jew doctors(democrat)), had to complain to DOL through an email to have that restriction removed, buy government documents I did not need (which previously had been stolen from me by the same people who work for the government), and wait 20 days from the first visit to the second one. Making me buy documents is overtaxing me as the fees are a tax in of itself as it is paid directly to government. Ever since slavery and beyond the civil war blacks face higher tax rates than whites due to racism by and for white rule.

    After admitting to me how everyone was lying to me and was wasting my time she then noticed that I previously had a cdl. I told her that I did not want to renew my cdl. She said that I needed to take a driving test and knowledge test. To recap I am a commercially licensed driver, who has undergone fingerprinting to pass tsa background checks for hazmat endorsements. Somehow through this they do not know who I am but know I need a physical for my medical conditity, bank accounts, basic levels of human comfort.) I am simply going to privatize the nations roads and the US Defensive Military Highway system to serve my purposes. Instead of the fraudulent "real id act" scheme they wish to impose, I will simply impose my own scheme of my own proprietary id card system.