Malone Programming

Malone Programming

This page is for sharing projects and documenting ideas. I am going to write a short intro on beginnining ideas for people who have never programmed before. In time as I work on different projects and collect new infortamtion I will post links to that here.


I am not a programmer and am just learning. I plan to build software and be capable to manage large websites manage. I will read as much as I can and try to distill it so that other beginners cn learn from me. I do not know any programmer types but if I find some I will try to find ways to learn from them and rope them into my projects. They know a lot and maybe We can help each other. I have a lot of good ideas but lack the computer know how.

To program you need a computer with a notepad program that can write simple text files.As you get better you can upgrade to a web editor like coffee cup, sublime text 3, or microsft expressions.

When you are programming write notes of your successes and failures as well as documenting code for later use. Documentation and organization is a must so that you do not waste time forgetting infprmation or accidently deleting something. Have a dedicated folder for your projects in a documents area and backup your work to a removable usb dedicated for your projects. As you get further along you will want to download large files and programs off the internet so a cheap usb just for productivity in a must. Use your desktop to create and save notes notes while you are coding. Keep you desktop clean so that it is easy to work across files. Initially you should only have one or two text files open at a time and your web browser. You need to limit how many documents are open at one time because it is easy to gt sloppy and mistakenly overwrite the wrong file. Using many at once let's you see a lot and multitask but is not the most efficient. It makes it harder to find a file when you are doing a lot of switching and that wastes time. When working on multipule pages it is better to close one file before openining another or else you might corrupt you code by mistake or even misdirect your target files.

It is better you work off a desktop and then save your project to your desktop multipule times and occationally to your documents folder occationally. This way you wait until you have a good copy to permantly keep and do not risk saving a bad copy causing you to have to rewrite code because of an error. Some errors are human and other errors happen becuase of a bug or glitch or just bad programs rendered code wrong and making it hard to diacognose how to fix it.

The aim of this series is not to become professional programmers or deal in every aspect of technology. The aim is to work through beginner projects to more advsnced ones quickly learning from multiple technologies so that profiency is reached sooner. If more knowledge is desired on a certain topic an individual will have better questions to ask once they have completed some code and projects. When it comes time to focus on a certain area they know what books to pursue and buy so that they can have a more exhaustive reference. Programming has lots of little things that do not matter to know all about it. What matters in understanding a little about many different areas so that you can get things done quicker and faster. This approach shortens learning at the beginner level because programming uses serval different languages together not just one in great deal.

First projects show be build a personal website from hand written code, then start designing a game or animation. Finally build and manage a database or develop programs in c++.

To build a website start buy learning HTML5,CSS, and Javascript. HTML builds the website by using tags to tell browsers how to intepret the data. CSS takes thing further and starts formatting the page using tags to create functional and decorative elements. Finally Javascript uses librarys to run script on your webpage programming and automating it. Once you have a rudimentary page you need to decide what type of content you want to put on it. The better your content the more people will view it. Structuring your page correctly and using smart ideas and content will increase viewrs to your page and make it more valuable. learn just enough HTML and CSS you get you page to a point where you are focusing more on content building then design building. Hopefully you will have good ideas for projects and will start looking to get into higher programming using Javascript.

Learning Javascript teache oop which is used in c++. Understand ing Javascript will make learning c++ easier. C++ is used to make all types of programs and is one of the most sophisticated languages.

The fastest way to become an excellent programmer is to quickly speed through HTML5/CSS then head on to programming with Javascript. Learning every thing about HTML5 and CSS is tedious and will not be easy since it is beginner level and very basic. Most people learn a little HTML, design a page, get stuck with it and give up. Try harder languages opens more options for projects to work on and shortens the time to learn any of the launguages. A combined approach is best.

The problem with HTML is that there are many different ways to achieve the same thing and it is often unclear what syntax to use. Syntax is how you type the command, not what the command is. Using different methods of syntax could take good code that works by itself and and break it when incombatible forms of tags are used. When styling your page it is best to use a consistent manner of syntax or else your page gets to hacky. for beginner's this means trial and error since there are no clear tutorials showing you exactly how to build a project. Mostly there are suggestions or bits of code here or there but it is often out of context and doomed to fail when applied in the wrong manner of situtation. It can work fine on it's own in an isolated offline browesr but can not make a whole page.

Having to take differents scraps of code you did not wrte and try to stitch it together leaves the end result something like frankenstein. It might work but it not the right way to do it.You will stend uch of your learning failing because a simple solution was not aware to you. I do not like learning or teaching like this so want to help people get the answers they need so they can spend their time doing more productive things than taking a long approach based on trial and error.

I do not know what programs others want to work on but what I am currently interested in now is personal site building to document my projects and writings, art and animation, and eventually get into things like building a chess app and working with robotics using raspberry pi. My most important goal I believe is learning c++ so I can write enterprise software that stands by itself like word processor programs and high graphic games.