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3:35 PM 3/7/2019 Still working on building my site. Lots of stuff to do. I need to start a Blog about AWS so not sure where to put it. I was thinking programming but do not have that set up just now. Does cloud computing fit with programming or is it more technology and web design?

I think this area is more apropriate somehow. Besides how the site looks you still have to program it. For programming I started with html but wanted to but api, compliers, and c++ there. You use javascript and python to program your website. Also the applications running on the website are an integral part of it's design.

I think I will leave standard technologies in programming and put bleeding edge stuff here.

I found a blurb about cloud computing and explaining it's differences at It helped me think about things moving forward with this site. I need to think bigger. I need to start writing about the cloud and learning as much about it as I can. Here is a link to my cloud blog.