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    2:11 PM 1/3/2020

    Happy New Year!

    I was told to improve my math so I have been working on it. I watched some numberphile videos and they had an ad for great courses plus. I joined and bought a 3 month subscription. There math section is not very good. Mathisfun and wikipedia are better and are free. I found fault with the Algebra 1 and 2 section. The geometry course was fun and I completed the last 12 hours in one day. If was fluffy but who cares. I do not like geometry very much. The precalculus/trigonometry course is bad. I really do not recommend it. It is taught wrong. You will be worse off. Use khan academy. They are more honest and stand up. Or use the purple math. Anything but that. Even monterey institute. I do not like or trust the professor. I cussed many times and it took weeks instead of days to finish simply because the approah was so irksome. I don't trust the things he says. I do not believe he worked for nasa. Nasa has a free online learning site that teaches physics and math. It is a nice resource, Professor Bruce is not. He is the architype of how not to teach. He is a rolling complex of stereotypes. I feel sorry for his mother.

    I am going to finish the precalc course today and start the calc 24 series. I will finish the calc 24 videos tomorrow. This is not remotely close to refreshing in an optimal way but fuckit. Their videos are lightweight and I aid for it so want to finish all of them even though they are really bad. Honestly they are charletans and scam artists. They are stupid and dont understand math very well. They say dumb shit like they can't add, bad at adding, and fractions are scary but them do matrix transformations and infinte series like they are simple.

    They are fucked up people with a confirmed sense of humor... they got jokes.

    I procrastinated but fuckit. I should have finished these dumb math videos by christmas so i could turn my attention to real learning.I I still have to watch 4 calculus series and a linear algebra series. Fuck. I will do it when I please. It is not that important to me considering the quality. Very demotivational, a chore really.Tortourious comes to mind. I do not think I can finish them in a month now because other projects take precidence. If i do 6 hours a day then it will take me 12 days. That leaves time for more important matters.

    New Year's resolutions:

    I could have finished these math videos in december leaving all january to focus on c++. Great courses has a video series on c++. Hopefully it is not dogshit like some of their others. I like the different c++ websites like learn cplus, cplusplus and etc... I do not like the paid for ones because they kinda suck. Udemy is junk and code camp or whatever is junk. They charge for things that are better and free somewhere else. You are paying for graphics and hype but probably will not learn. It's too superficial and/or complicated.

    I did like the David Johnson scifi philosophy course. I did not agree with several of his key arguments but at least we wasn't retarded. He was mostly right and when he did lie at least you could see his logic. I think higher of Kings College students after watching his series and lower of Florida students after watching Bruce.

    I am going to spend time better and get more done. I bought a Yamaha p45 and an Ibanez but still need an amp. I thought it would help my study of sine/triangle/square waves as I got deeper into signal analysis. Plus i need more hobbies. I multitask. Learning c++/java/ python because they are pretty much required today for software. Bill Gates was a Dick to me so I am going to start a company and put him out of business. Probably fuck his wife too.

    For S.T.E.M. stream will look into random things for my empire... good and bad technologies.

    I have been thinking alot on how to structure my bank. Mostly what kinds of customers I want and what services to offer. It is one of my biggest finicial interests. I have been thinking how to aquire disney/comcast/star wars. Not out of necessity but for fun. I wanted to impress a girl but writing this now it seems better just to start new, build a better burger, and humilitate them. I kinda feel like fighting. I want my own studios and my own amusement park rides. I want my own schools and I want to train my own workers. And yes turncoats may apply.

    I will try to cuss less. The girl from the hiphop videos inspired me. Shes very classy you know.

    10:50 PM 11/20/2019

    Earlier this week I heard a comment about people having a problem with Apple credit giving low limits.

    Oh the news a heard a comment at the end that made me laugh. It was something like, "we still don't know how the algorithms work..". It caught me as funny because of the various things that staement implied. It is a pretty loaded comment to make. Nevertheless people seemd taken back by my demeanor. At the very least they seemed that in their mind it was a big deal. I mean they acted like they had no fiscal or tech awareness. But that is another story.

    So I came across sequences on Khan academy and great courses plus and thought I would modify one as a mock proof of concept. Here it is:

    Algorithm for Arithmetic sequence:

    ai = 4 + 3(i -1) find the a20
    a20 = 4 +3 (20 -1) = 4 + 57 = 61

    a1 = -7
    ai = -2(i) +(-2)+ai

    find a99

    without Algor-ith

    At this point program terminates or continues finding new terms. At this point you have taken zero steps to locate first term, asking for it it will readily display. To find the second term it flush memory and starts the process above. Getting the second term will take four steps. From this point the program takes an additional step to find each successive term.

    After the first term every found term will take (term #) + 2 steps to locate. This wastes precious clock cycles and gigaflops. Even computers that compute to the order of n10 teraflops benefits from quicker processes and cooler cpu temperatures preventing premature malfunctions

    a worse algorithm would be :

    Data is ready:

    This is slower but thought to ensure better accuracy in an age of bad practices and weak hardware coupled with lack of trust in machines due to reliability issues.

    9:37 PM 10/3/2019

    I missed the Nas concert and was not able to make it to Bellevue. Things come up.

    Still working on my math book. I expect it to be 10 volumes long. I start with pure math like algebra then briefly cover goemetry and trigonometry finally leading to caluclus. Thick in the beginning and end and slim in the middle. The goal is to get afrom algebra to calculus as fast as possible then get into linear algear and deal with matrix transformations and vector spaces.

    I am writing the math book for my kids as an heirloom. I am a good man.

    I want to go from pure math to applied math in as many areas as possible:

    My core math book is to be 1/3 algebra, 1/6 geometery, 1/6 trigonometry, and 1/3 calculus.
    I will then use sepreate volumes for: classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, engineering, programming, and statistical data analysis as it applies to curing disease and formulating new pharmaceuticals.

    I need more engineers and researchers. I plan to buy labs and conduct scientific and medical research. I also need physicists for wave and optic research. I will probably need two seperate labs.

    I need to promote the sciences more either through media or onsite campuses. The plan is to build a math/science/media/art university to combine polymath

    I watch a lot of Socratica, Khan academy, and Numberphile videos on youtube. These are very basic. I also enjoy 3brown1blue, Pbs spacetime and mathologer because they have higher level concepts and overall better quality. I like the conversational style of the last three channels because it is more challenging and less fluffy. I am also watching videos on the great courses. Great courses goes at a fast speed which is good for helping me research parts of my math book. I also like their humanities videos like art, music, history, c++, and photography. Thinking of learning the guitar through one of there courses.

    I should buy a network, studios, and build a streaming service. Using these three formats I can cross promote the sciences and arts. This will lead to more collaboration and further invention. It will also help fund and complete my campaigns.

    I am working on a lot of projects. I plan this month to start programming on the raspberry pi platform and use that to segway into arduino. I will post python code on my programming page and start updating that section. This conflicts with writing my math book but I made cetain obligations so do not really have a choice. To finish the pure section of my algebra text I only had to cover polynmomials and some functions and sequences. This will have to wait unfortunately.

    4:28 PM 8/16/2019

    worked on my math book. It looks good so far but I can not get it to load. Received a bad request. I worked hard on my graphs and charts and definitions. It is dissapointing not to be able to see it live.

    I need more money to continue my research. Research is exhausting and never ending. Will be in Tacoma Tomorrow and after that Bellevue Hopefully I will not miss the Nas concert at Kent on Tomorrow.

    1:37 PM 8/4/2019

    I planned to make weekly updates but priorities changed. I will attempt monthly updates. I was mad at people so stopped updating this site so I could work in silence. Things got out of hand. The world is falling apart. Politics.

    I know enough now to start relegating duties to people better qualified for it. In a bid to save time and be more efficient I plan to start building a team and hiring people to take over some of my responsibilities.


    I use this site as a hobby. I will start up a larger one using cloud services. Knowledge of AWS, databases, and related technologies is helpful.

    Previously I posted an ad for people to serve as an art teacher to teach drawing. I can not find a way to make mechanicl pencils cost effective so will be focusing on natural pencils. I have obligations to add academics to my curriculum so will also need tutors for math, science, and writing. Ideally the goal is to setup workshops to bring like minded people together so they can explore common interests. Fully equipped math lab, science lab, writing lab, and art lab. A history lab would be even more ambitious.

    I am told that there needs to be more vocational training for young adults. I will first create the industry and then create the school to train workers as needed.

    I am told my writing is dense. I said I teach a masters course not a masters for dummies course. So it is dense. It is complicated so I do not want to water down the information. Others have already down that and I do not want to contribute to that philosophy. I have already written my books on aikido and karate and am in the process of codifying my aikido book. Think of it as the main book being a text book and the accompying text a students solution guide. It expands on each section giving notes on the thoughts and procees so less ambuigityexists thereby hopefully preventing erroneous interpretation and mistranslation in the future. I want my words clear. I do not want hacks butchering my masterpiece.

    To codify Malone Aikido I took the original text and copied it into an open office document. Each paragraph or entry has been placed in a discrete table cell having its own alphanumeric value. Then I opened a new document and created the same number of cells. In this new document I dicuss, clarify or dive deeper into detail what the passage means, important takeaway points, and also steps on how actually do the moves. If in the beginning I simply said ikkyo is a punch defense or armbar it was expected that someone would know, or be able to find out how to perform these movements. The thinking behind this is that many people have access to aikido and practice it, they just do it wrong. So instead of teaching basics I attempted to teach my interpretation of the basics. I find that many books on martial arts are written to talk about someone life story rather than serve as an instructional guide. Since they expect you to simply learn all you need to know from dedicated instruction books and dvds do not make authorative steps to be biblical in their approach. Stanley Pranin (r.i.p.) differed in that he was dedicated to providing an online resource that explored martial art concepts to better the students progress and understanding. This is rare. People in martial arts do a lot of training and and analyzing but how do they transmit that so that others can benefit from their research? Certainly not by being secretive or making allusive gestures and statements. If I take a class all I get is allusiveness, which is ingrained into the students and carried over to their online blogs. Rubbish. Then if I seek a video on youtube I get lectures on how to bow or wear a gi. What to wear are not considerations that matter to me. T his is aimed at children who will take instruction, learn nothing, then drop out or quit having the gall later in life to discredit trained fighters by stating they took a class or used to do that as kids, as if that somehow makes them superior enough not to have to recognize others true skill and talent.

    The book I wrote was done in under a day and was me simply putting my thoughts down in a permanent way. It really only matters that I know what it means. I have bought over a dozen books on the subject and while different they all cover the same ground with nothing really new being presented. I changed that. I made connections, I made it modern, and I made it work and easily relatable. I also kept japanese terms and words so that people would have a greater introduction and better exposure. Simply put it makes peoples aikido better. Because peopel complained about not understanding the japanese or what i was trying to say i started a glossary which turned into a dictionary, and then an encyclodepia. as I am still in the process of codifying my aikido book I have yet to fill out my japanese and martial arts terminology book. These are exhuastive works. For my books illustrations to better capture the idea would help but I do not know how to draw or digitize them. I am looking into it. I am thinking maybe a wacom type device or just pc scanner. Also I may want motion so turn it into a gif?

    Finally, if something was unclear you could have sent me an email so that we could have started a meaningful conversation. I had intended to put up a comments section but the google api was not working friendly enough. For a professional site i will just use plugins because that is the only thing that works and the only thing that people i will hire to run the site will be trained on. It is unfair to critique me without ever have asking for for clarification. it is impossible for me to know what someone is struggling with unless they provide proper feedback. If I were to nitpick and overexplain every basic detail, finer points and higher level talks could not be initiated. If you are remidial then there is no shame in admitting so but it seems that people are scared to comment or ask for help. It didn"t use to be this way.

    If I write a book with each paragraph numbered it serves like a "location" as used in ebooks where different versions have different page numbers due to formatting issues. I ran into issues when formatting my books where it would look fine on a webpage but horrible printed leaving chapters and paragraphs being cut off and continued in ways that were not aesthetically pleasing. So now with each entry being treated like an entry in a table it is easy to remark or comment on a certain chunk of text and everybody will know what part to which you are referring. Given this treatment it should be easy to have my students analyze the different parts of the book and help each other. Martial arts is not really a static thing, it grows and is made to function how the person wants it to. Also should create a database for all the moves (and terminology). With the moves themselves codifed in a database nothing is obscure and everything is transperant. Clarity is a beautiful thing. I think Don Draeger tried to do this, and I think the CIA succeeded. If they didn't then they are inferior as an organization so fuck them. I still say the killed 2pac (and Patrice Lumumba, Malik Shabazz, Bob Marley, Fred Hampton through the fbi, even Gary Webb simply because he was telling the truth. Makes you wonder why other reporters are allowed to live.)

    So I will make my own database to teach people instead of use it for evil. Evil people like information but strangely do not know what to do with it when they hoard it. They mostly appear to fear the right people getting it because the right people will be able to use it. They just want others to fail they do not really want to succeed themselves. They are haters.

    10:44pm 4/27/2019

    So much for playing nice. Seems the illuminati wants to fight me after all. An attack against me by one of you is an attack against me by all of you. We are not friends and I am not going to cow tow to you and pretend we are. So people who are in the illuminati who choose to ruin it for everyone else:

    So I see how it is going to be. Because DOL was acting like a bitch I hold you all accountable. This is not musical chairs where you can play a shell game of nesting dolls. The sins of DOL fall on you all. Because they fucked up you are all going to have to pay since you are in cahoots with them. I am really mad at you.

    DOL is corrupt so that means there is no law and order anymore and the united states government has fallen. Good riddance.

    You stalled my plans for the 25th. So now I know what pisses me off:DOL. They act like they are a passive conspirator but are the most active. They are stalking me. I have a special hatred for everyone at DOL including the customers. They are all masons. You do realize I consider you no different than the Ku Klux Klan right?

    Here was my to-do list for April, 25th 2019:

    DOL is meddling with my plans. You said you would stick to the plan yet allowed Dol to alter the plan. How are you going to fix the plan without offering a substitution? For those that do not know I need my drivers license to get my passport from the post office. I have an outstanding debt of $5,000 that is fraudulently owed child support. My passport is revoked until I pay that off. Local government is poor white trash who try to rule by economics. Since city leaders are poor they want everyone else poor. Since they are poor and lack a firm grasp of economics they use what is to me paltry sums to try to intimidate and control people. They are to poor to rule anything. So out of nowhere faggotass dol is delaying issuance of my driver's license. This is a direct conflict with my plans. The plan was get license, get passport, get van, get supplies from home depot, payoff child support, and file for gun restoration while at the county building paying off child support. This was to happen same day. You are stalling my progress. This is an act of war. Since you are breaking the law I must restore order by PERMANANTLY REMOVING YOU FROM OFFICE.

    At dol the excuse for wasting my time was that they gave more information and I was one step closer to getting done what is a one step process. His idiotic attitude is what is going to get him killed. I get he is lying what I do not get is that he expects his lies to be believable. Do what I want how I want when I want or we have permanant problems. It is like he does not relise ho the fuck I am. I am always dismissive of faggots who are broke so why the fuck does he expect me to take him serious? Clearly he is misinformed by the elite that I am not someone to be trifled with as I do not resolve conflict politically but rather through black magic and manipulation of occultic practices. I want him dead and his friends dead. He made my problem with him a problem for every jew and mason. In the future if I am hard to work with remember to thank him.

    There were three stupid people at Dol lying to me that day. First, I am smarter than the government and them as lowly servants (slaves) are not in a position to question my judgement. This seemed to go over there heads. I am infallible and above reproach. They talked down to me like I was a common peasant!

    What the fuck to you instruct these people? What lies do you tell them about me? I can not have Dol lying to me and suggesting that a) partial information is a substitute for completing a transaction and b) a state id card is a substitute for a driver's license. He suggested that instead of obeying me that he would rather waste my time, that instead of finishing something make me start over at the beginning AND WASTE MY MOTHERFUCKING TIME. That wasting my time was not wasting my time, that starting over was making progress. He lied to my face with this bullshit.Kill him or I will kill you. The fucked up thing about this is that he ACTUALLY WANTED ME TO BELIEVE HIM! Since when would I give a fuck about what you are saying whether true or false? The deal is you obey and I do not destroy you. This i not a negotiation because you are a fucking slave! Oh well, he needs a major correction is all.

    I was there and some broke bitch offered me money for sex with her. There are two ways into the illuminati, sexed in and quoted. I am on the side of the killers not the homosexual prostitutes. I want $50 billion dollars cash wire transfer but I do not want it to my wells fargo account, I want it in a bank of america acount and I can not do that until I have a photo id. Does this stupid motherfucker understand that a) he is costing me billions of dollars, and that b) I will pay the CIA $1,000,000 to kill him? First pay the CIA and kill him then kill the assassin so that it does not come back to me. I am too important to to kill personally. It is better to delegate contracts to sanctioned authorities.

    This is not going to end good for you.

    2:30 AM 3/28/2019

    I needed to take a break from building this site since I was neglecting other responsibilities. For a first site I added more pages than most people would recommend. I did this because I wanted to jump right in and needed space for my content. I have a lot of content and will be adding more over then next year. To find balance between life and and work I want to aim for doing updates on the weekend. I have a lot of content so want to slowly but regularly post it.

    I started many projects I have not posted and it is spreading me thin. Most likely I will need help in upcoding this site. I also need additional resources for some areas of the site. This site was intended to be how a basic site from scratch might look and then over time become more polished. I also intended for regular people to get involved and help add character will comments and suggestions. Do do this I wanted a suggestion board but have not had time to figure out how exactly to do that in the most independent way possible. I am using only free and basic basic software for the creation of this site and aim to use only simple html with limited CSS and javascript. For a comment form I was thinking I may need to learn PHP and maybe setup a database using SQl but I really do not know.

    Interesting point about this site; I am planning on building either a school or activities and learning center. As such that is my main focus and this site is only to supplement that. If I can charter a school this site can serve as advertisement for it or be a community site for members. This means I will be posting openings for talent to help me with my school and other enterprises.

    Between this site as a non profit and my other commercial dealings I have to maintain a strict ethics wall. My business operations can not overlap into my free information and learning foundation.

    For my school I will need various instructors teaching with an aim for all ages. My school will be divided into different areas that mixes classical education with modern approaches. I still need to secure funding so can not offer salary at this point and still need to find a physical location. This in very much in early stages.

    I will need an art teacher that can show proper use of sketching using colored mechanical pencils for either art or technical drawings like blueprint drawing. A perfect candidate would would most likely be someone who is not 100% one or the other but somewhere in between. Experience with all types of hand drawing as well as colored pencils both mechanical 2mm and regular is preferred. I would like to blend business with creativity and teach drafting for design and marketing. Any skills related to these fields is desirable. Initially all inquiries are welcome but as I grow I will seek more professional artists. Subjects to be drawn include people, cars, and buildings.

    I will need a frontend web developer to help me upcode this site. My job will take me away from this and I will only be able to have limited time to do the actual coding. I will still however provide the content. As such I may need an editor to proof my writing and ideas, an assistant to help convey my intentions to other team members, and a web master to maintain and code additions to the site. These positions can be freelance or volunteer to start and then lead to fulltime or work on other projects.

    So far I am comfortable to say I need an art teacher, an assistant, an editor with will have to work closely with the web master, and the web master himself.

    I am excited to see things coming together. Right now these words are history in the making.

    I have outgrown my current living situation and it is unsuitable for me to continue operating out of my present location. I will be moving. During the move I will be focusing on technical aspects for the future so the site will suffer. It is not fully coded properly nor fully fleshed out. I want to wait to put up more content before I tie in all the areas of the site for a more cohesive experience. I am not happy with the C++ section as it is unclear and hard to follow. I have more pressing issues so it will have to remain for the time being. The tutorials I was writing is not really the scope of this site. To learn anything there are plenty of great online sources, I do not want to old ground that someone else has already done. I am trying to target key people with this site and the genius of it will not be understood until I can commit to upload more content.

    At present I would like to put more work in on the programming pages and clear it up and I would like to expand the philosophy page as that is where I put (or will be putting) most of my writing.

    For the travel section I will be traveling and giving my take on different areas I visit for business and leisure. For that a travel partner would be nice. For the food section I will be interviewing top chefs and exploring different trends in the food scene. I will showcase fine examples of local dining and maybe list recipes from home chefs.

    I have plans for the other areas but do not want to get ahead of myself.

    I had different ideas for the karate and aikido sections. Instead of a dead pages I wanted to make it more interactive and post videos and give detailed talks about aspects that are not covered by other sources. I did plan to expand it but I am getting new ideas quicker than I can post my old ones. This is a problem. I have to finish old work before I can break ground on unprepared ideas. Also I do not want to make the site so one sided. In general I want to promote and encourage total development of the person not merely focus on singular aspects like fighting. On the contrary I that an individual should not only train their body but their mind as well. In the times we live in learning and controlling technology through math and computer programming combined with combative makes for a stronger warrior. One should not limit themselves and pick one one over the other.

    To continue this site and improve utility I will be purchasing some laptops and camera equipment. I am looking at the Huewei Matebook Pro X for coding and conferencing and a Lenovo Thinkpad i7 8770u or xeon for the increased video processing and workstation computing power. The Lenovo will come in handy for writing software and compiling code. I am looking at Nikon for their d850 and z6 mirrorless for photo and Red epic for video. I had meant to get these earlier but procrastinated. Red epic is expensive with setup's costing $40,000 and up for a basic set up. The rest will cost $13,000 minus lens and software. So I try to teach from basic equipment but that is not ideal for what I do personally nor for expanding my platform.

    I wrote my books on a galaxy pro tab e tablet I bought in 2016 for $200. I wrote this site on a used Lenovo miix 320 I bought in January for $118 plus $20 for expedited shipping. It did okay at first but is experiencing severe memory problems. I could not use it efficiently anymore so bought a used i7 and i5 hp tower and a cheap 65”. I was planning on moving so did open the tv right away. It was taking longer to move than I had expected so I finally opened it just to make sure it was not defective. I did not bother to install the wall mount I bought for it and it is now hooked up with the 65” tv. The i7 is hooked up to an old Sony Bravia. Both are running windows 10.

    Cost for equipment:

    The Phillips' was originally $479 but I was given a $50 rebate at checkout. I would have bought the Samsung but is not available until after I had bought The Philips. I had wanted the Samsung but they are stingy with those. I kept the Philips because this was a petty purchase for me. Picture is good, sound is awful, remote is a joke, there are other issues none of which exist in my Sony. The i7 loads fast and is remarkably quick. Windows loads almost instantly, programs the same with virtually no lag. This is what I am writing on now. The i5 is disappointingly slow. Startup takes longer than it should for a refurbished unit, programs are laggy but not an issue unlike the Lenovo miix. The miix runs at near 100% memory use just off background and windows 10 processes alone. With only 2gb memory it is constantly freezes and simple programs like OpenOffice take eons to open and save. There is not a valid reason for this to exist as a product.

    The point is I am cheap and can find good deals and work efficiently with bargain items but that is not appropriate for taking projects further. There are pros and cons to over buying high end or used. I use both.

    The reason I bought these used units is that my other high expense pc's died within 2 years and I was tired of wasting money for premium goods but not getting premium service. My Toshiba 18.4” laptop was sweet for gaming and bluray but the screen hinges broke and ruined my $900 unit. My $800 HP envy tower mysteriously died and sending it in to Best Buy to fix it did not work. They put the wrong graphics card in and I lost full screen 1080p. I had to send the tower back several times and service with them was delayed causing me to lose productivity. Each time they returned it they always had made mistakes causing further time losses. One time they sent it back with the screws to the motherboard loose rattling around in the tower and scratching the motherboard. I could not believe such gross incompetence. The manager yelled at the employees and feigned anger but do not do anything to assure me there would be no problems in the future. After these experiences I decided to stop wasting money on expensive technology that gets broken or could be stolen from me. For around $1100 I got an i5, i7, and a 65” 4k tv. They look and perform like more expensive units but at a fraction of the price. In all it was a good deal for me because now I have two workstations hooked up to big screens.

    I promote technique and skill over fast fixes and expensive programs or gear but I do not want costly technology that offers superior results to be ignored in some race to free.

    3:42 PM 3/21/2019

    I will not have time to post all my content. There is simply too much! I am already overwhelmed. It would be impressive for me to do all the work myself but it simply takes to much time away from real life projects. I will need to hire help. Even simple help would suffice.

    I am working a lot with paint just to mess around. I started a karate series of tenshin movements to accompany the aikido ones. At present they are crude stick drawings and will need to be upcoded later. Even so they still show a striking amount of correct distance, angle, and proportion and are suitable for an educational series aimed at children that teaches basic self defense. Here is a teaser:

    Of this initial start I can expant into storyboards, 4-5 pic animated gifs, 2d comics and full blown 2d and 3d animated cartoons. I need to write at least 10,000 more frames and do not care to personally invest that much time in it because I am supposed to be working on my logic not art. I need some artists who can spend all day getting it just right. A martial art cartoon written by a martial artist serving as the fight consultant, how authentic and high quality. This is not your dad's Bleach or Naruto.

    Everyday draw a little, write a little, code a little. I bought the book beginning c with game design. It is old but I will make like d&d meets karate; "...your opponent uses gyakutsuki. What do you do? A. soto. B. uchi. C. age. D. gedan.". This writes itself. Then I could get serious with opengl and c++ the crap out it with blender graphics and make it more action based instead of text but I would need the help of my french architect. Apps for android would use javascript. We are going to conqueror the world!

    *note: I messed up on these drawings. Red is supposed to be attacking always as player 1 and blue is supposed to be defending always as player 2. red means right foot or hand and blue means left foot or hand. Jab is left hand and foot forward (blue hand in front/blue foot in front), cross is right hand forward and right foot back (red hand in front, blue foot in front). I do not have time to upload better examples right now.

    1:31 AM 3/19/2019

    The karate, aikido, and weightlifting pages are done. They have been for some while. When I get a camera I may post videos and expand on the individual techiques and discuss strategy and mindset deeper. The main task was to make my books from for viewing and download. They are dense and not sports oriented. They are practical application and street based. I may need to remove some aesthetic issues on the site that are not present in the books. The books were written on a galaxy tablet using polaris office and contain characters that did not transer to html properly. Where ther are question marks in the headings refers to directional movements that are illustrated in the books. The weightlifting parts are to encourage lazy people to build the strength needed to complete techniques as skill alone is not good enough. I even went as far to leave tips on how to make the training specific to martial arts and build the gross motor function needed to strethen the muscles used during cetain movements. Attention was paid to biomechanics. Aikidoka are lazy and that is why their aikido does not work in the streets. Also they are soft and complecent. They lack discipline.

    I had planned to do drawn images as it pertained to aikido but wanted to wait until I was able to implement higher quality graphics and animations using svg. I was going to draw different aspects of aikido to add to the utility of the page and to improve my computer graphics skills. I was also going to codify my book for easier reference and make an encyclopedia of Japanese martial art terms. It helps to understand the material better. The books are American based but inspired from Japanese concepts that are not readily identifiable in the west and misrepresented in media. I use more Japanese terms than other authors so it seems fitting that I make a reference to explain what I am trying to say with my Japanese.

    I will be focusing on my c++ section of programming. I am going to add a link that jumps to the main part of the programming section. I will be learning all languages with a focus on c++ for software, python for web and microcontrollers, golang for server work and tying to multiple cpu cores, and HTML5/CSS3 for website design. I will also dabble in fortran for engineering and math.

    I challenged blacks to learn coding to improve their understanding of technology and use it to better themselves. Since I did not want to be all talk I started a free account at codeacademy. I will be evaluating code and posting my notes. I ordered a few books to add to my library on programming and have yet to receive them. I want to set a good example and will be sharing my findings.

    I do not plan to learn everything right away or focus on on one topic as I have a lot going on. I will try to write a little code everyday and slowly add to my already vast knowledge. I am mostly learning for personal reasons. Eveyone should write a little code everyday. It is better than procrastinating and not learning at at. Most people do not know where to start because they do not know What language to choose. C++ is the hardest and most important. Learn that and python. Python is easy and very useful. All programmers know multiple languages but are not full experts in any of them. So mix it up and learn whatever you can. Pick a language and study it for a few days to a month. By then you either hate it and try another one or find find one that is more interesting to you and you focus on that. You should look at it as gaining exposure to the main most in demand languages instead of thinking yo are going to learn one and that is all you will ever need. C++ and python done at the same time is the way to go. Learn other things as the need rises. Just do not waste time being hesistant because you can not choose a language and end up putting it off. They are all the same and differ in cosmetics.

    Programming with HTML5/CSS3

    11:26 AM 3/17/2019

    Updated the theory data chart from png to svg. I was unhappy with the blur that the fonts produced when scaled. The png was made using MS paint. I even when to extreme lengths to inprove resolution of the png by painting it on a extra large canvas. I used a canvas of 4800px by 2400px to reduce scaling artifacts. This does work and helps improve artifacts by increasing pixel density but raster graphics just like MS edge browser use blur to smooth lines. I really do not like this as it makes pictures look fuzzy. It is not appropriate for text and pictures suffer as well. I have never been a fan of raster graphics as they seen outdated by vector graphics. Raster graphics are low quailty and remind me of atari while vector graphics make me think of high frame pc games from 2000 and up. There is not enough support for for svg even though it offers better resolution and eliminatates weird scaling problems.

    Here is a comparison:

    I had several issues embedding the image. The first file I made did not display for unknown reasons, there was something wrong with the file so I had to start over. Then I had a working file but I used the wrong page sive for canvas so the left and right sides were cut off. To show the whole file I had to go to file/document settings and then change page from a4 to 12'x18'. A webpage is basically 12" across. It is almost as if they are taking a a4 page and turning it sideways. This is why text typed in text editors set to a4 do not look right on webpages. You need to use a webpage view when typing in a text editor so you can see how it will look on a webpage. Openoffice has a feature where you can switch from document view to web view. It lists the web view as 12" across on it's ruler at the top.

    Then when I was able to get the svg to display there was too much white space at the bottom. This is removed by using file/document settings again. Under page size is custom settings. In custom setting you select the "resize"button and a dropdown list appears, in the list select "resize page to contents" and it shrinks the canvas to crop out all the whitespace.

    The last issue I had was that the main text was displaying but not the percentage numbers. There was blank space where the numbers should be. The problem was I used two text boxes to write the chart. The first text box showed but the second one did not. To fix I had to copy/paste and rewrite the whole thing as one box and it showed faithfully.

    I used inkscape for the svg since it was free. Some things are much faster and some things are much slower for me using inkscape over MSpaint but the quality of inkscape is always higher and therefore worth learning and practicing as much as possible to learn how to do new things in a higher quality format. I do wish that inkscape had a larger tool selection of shapes. Making triangles is very easy in MSpaint but complex in inkscape. Ms paint does it in 3 seconds where inkscape has me dragging lines and measuring the degree angles and other nonsense for a simple equilateral triangle. I would prefer if the program did the math an not me.

    3:14 AM 3/14/2019

    I have been doing research for future projects and have not been able to update site. The idea of this site was to promote the free exchange of information. There is no targeted audience so there is no filter on what I say or post. This is my first website. I want to document my steps as I learn New technology skills. I want to provide this information freely as a service to the community.

    I wanted to learn the hard way and provide all my own code and design. I did not like web builders trying to deprieve me of learning html. I want to help others learn html. So this led to some strange choices. My site has no layout! It was too confusing which packages and options to copy code from so I just posted raw text. I was/am unfamilair with .css that divide the page up into sections. I have not had time to acquire this css to make an arrangement of blocks to store text in and then pad with white space on edges. This is want I wanted in my head:

    My site so far has major problems. First conent is not organized. I advertised at such but it is not there yet. Beginners are told not to use a lot of pages for there first site mainly to issues with broken links setting a bad example and turning viewers away. And work on it till it looks good before you show your site to be amatuerish.All my linked material works so that is not a concern. I think my since if very navigatable so far considering the amount of pages I have. As far as apearance i thought it would be more interesting to show a bad site then show how to correct it. That is why I update online instead of off.

    I made so many pages to act as placeholders. No this is not best practices but I was building from a beginners point of view,"How would a beginning build and make mistakes?". I do not have a need for a really fancy website so I took liberty with that last statement. Before I made my site I had already done a lot of writing so it was easy for me to fill pages with content. Content is not a problem for me. I believe this affects others more and they end up with empty looking pages. I had seen so many commercial sites that had such little content because all they were trying to do was make money. They were not listing projects they were working on or sharing any deeper stories. It seems the better a site looks the less they write and instead rely on oversized text and images. I do not have a camera to create my own images yet so that is not an option for me however I have been looking into animation with svg since 2010. I would really like to put animated videos on my site. I bought some books, one by Sarah Drasner an artist. She has a channel on YouTube doing svg animation. Appearantly she is the best. I will have to check her out.

    I want round boxes like svg for my content. I want resizable videos that scale around text like Mathias's.

    I want to change the navigation bars. I do not like the cheesy logo's because they look too amatuerish. They were meant to be temporary navigation just to test my site.

    My content is too long and out of place making it distracting. I need to make accordians to collapse it unti I find a better way to organize it. Plus there are bound to be typos and other forgiveable clerical errors.

    I start a business site or make this into one I will definitely hire a web designer and an editor. I just do not have the time to keep this up. Plus I like providing opportunies for professionals and building my retinue.

    Main upgrades to focus on site