Programming with C++


I challenged black people to learn programming not for money or a job or for fun. I challenged them to learn programming so that they were not stupid. Programming was invented by the British and the United states government. Darpa invented the internet. Darpa stands for Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency. This means that the internet is a weapon. So as a warrior or someone who simply wishes not to die learn how to use it.

Coding is not fun. It is hard and frustrating. It was not meant to be easy. It was meant to be hard so that nobody could do it. It is a secret. It is coded. It is cryptic. They really do not want you doing it. It you can then they really want you to work for them then against them. Basically the government is evil and so is programming. They are not going to train you unless they get something in return. You kinda have to train yourself. You have to have freedom. You have to code a little everyday. You have to document your progress. So the government does not want you to succeed but they can not stop you. Further hiding like a bitch from the Illuminati because you are scared is stupid. Do you want to be attacked and stay silent and isloated or do you want to be attacked in public and they risk exposure? They will attack you no matter what because they need to control everyone. Being silent by hiding underground is unstrategic. It is completely retarded. Being silent= marginalized and weak. Weak in the sense that you are not doing anythng to challenegt the status quo you are lying to cover up the fact that you are wrong and doing the wrong things. You make excuses and the shit is disgusting. This is why it is said that I am the supreme leader. I have no weakness. So I have to fix all the problems because bitch niggas won't. Party and bullshit while I have to be the only one who takes responsibility and acts like a man. This is why it is said that I am bitter.

Code will not work. It will break. It will troll. It will be useless. There is no hope. Duh. It was designed by white people as a security system to keep out black people. Most programmers are racists. They are govermental agents. Or they are Zionistic Jews. Take Your pick. At this point we explore c++ not because we are building a solution but we are learning new ways to communicate and express ourselves. I can not write a working standalone program in C++. I will have to hire others to code it for me. But I do not trust them or their code. I am suspiciousof them. So to avoid being fucked in the game I learn as much as I can about any industry I plan to dominate. This shit is gay as fuck and that needs to change. First learn their systems, then master them, then replace with our systems. Really my systems because I was the one who put this all together. ME.

You don't need patience. You need understanding. Do not be frustrated when you code breaks. Look for why it breaks and when it is happening. Expect it to break. That is the attack on your time, sanity, and overall status and ability in society. Programming directly affects control systems i.e. the matrix i.e. the power grid i.e. the very society in which you live. This is why it is made hard and if you try to code it will break 99% as a beginner. The very first steps in anything are made hard so that you can not succeed. You do not know where or how to begin, nobody will help or show you and on your own you will fail and give up. They want you out. Plus it is not very rewarding so what is the point. The point is revenge and being real. Expecting code to fail and looking for why is called "debugging". That is what coders do. They fix broken code, not type beautiful code or make poetry out of one's and zero's. That is retarded. The government needs slaves to code their weapons for them. Learn to code weapons for yourself. If you can not do it then you are inferior. Coding gives people a god complex. Avoid the gays. Most people in the government are poor mk ultra victims who are gay. They are gross and mentally handicapped. They are dangerous and a threat. The gay agenda is real.

I started coding on code academy yesterday. For the first time I was writing code in c++. It was not fun. everything broke even when I copied and pasted their code exactly. Fail at everything, take notes in a text document, and move on to the next part. You are not learning anything and are glossing over things that should be easy to understand. This is not normaly a good recommendation but you can not be bogged down with minutia. Look at the examples, copy and paste, move on. Try to understand it later when you have a need to. You need to quickly introduce yourself to the material and move as quickly through it as possible. You do not need to understand everything and will have time later. Nobody understands everything and so learning becomes fragmented. This is bad and leads to disassociation. "Disassociation" is a fancy word for forgetting and is how evil people brainwash their victims. To learn you need to remember data and retain it. Forgetting the information impairs learning. This is all crp and we are probably being trolled so ignore it, take their examples and move on. It will take 5 years to be able to write a program fully. I do not have time for that. Learn a little code every day and try to write a little. Practice,Practice,Practice. After 2 years you will at least be able to speak the language and not sound dumb.

C++ seemed easy and I was familiar with the concepts they were describing but nothing worked. I am at 8% completion in their c++ course. I did not get it and it does not work. Code academy does offer a way to make c++ approachable and does give a start. I am not sure their methods are very good but whatever. Most programmers take crash courses, learn nothing, get hired, realize they learn nothing, and now desperately try to fix code and errors on the job. This is their real learning. They are panicked because they thought they knew but they don't. This humbling experience leads to fear of being fired. They boss knows they don't know but does not care. He is training the person and allowing them to learn on the job.


C++ has data types. One of them is integer. Integer can have multiple values. You can write the values as seperate lines or as one line. Writing as one line is called double. I am confused already.

What confuses me is that they are using the term double in ambiguous ways. I am sure they are right but I can not prove it. Double at once means floating point value. I took "floating point value" to mean a fractional number such as 2.1, with the "point one" being the floating "decimal" point. A computer or program that can register floating points to memory has double precision. Please ignore the following since I do not want to confuse you. I am teaching wrong and they are teaching right. (It is like saying even though they are wrong just listen to them. We can use it against them later.)

Example of floating point value: How do you divide a 10 square Hershey chocolate bar amoung 3 people? To divide equally using math you get 3.33~ squares. Sometimes a computer does not have a place for fractions. A computer without the box for fractional decimal values will display the answer as a whole number. In this instance it will round down and give its answer as three. Since it cannot not dispay decimals it will lack precision. Taking the answer to further decimals increases precision but exponitially increase compute time. I forget the vernacular but,"You have double, triple, quadruple and so on precision. Each step adds another decimal point. Each decimal point doubles computation time, thus the balance of performance versus speed.". On wikipedia here is a master reference

Codeacademy gives a different initial view.

In it they explain a process called chaining. Instead of writing integers on seperate lines they write multiple values as one line. They use a method of conjugation to combine different int as one line instead of using \n to start a new line.

This is common in programming. You have a data type following by a value. What they are saying is you can have many values for a single data type. Examples:

In html: <p style="color:; font-size:; font-family:;font-face:;"> "...". We linked four diferent values to one selector. Here we are using the selector as the data type with the values themselves as sub-selectors.

In links: <a href="..." target="..." alt"..."</a>. We combine many attributes into a single selector. Each attribute is a value of the anchor attribute.

Int stands for integer. It is a data type or attribute just like in html. The model is attribute="some value". Using int to store data for a defined number or group of numbers such as age. "Int= 28, 30, 34, 37" gives us a range of of different ages in our data set. This is preferable than saying:

int= 28
int= 30
int= 34
int= 37

COMPILE & EXECUTE Code→ Save → Compile→ Execute

C++ is a compiled language. That means that to get a C++ program to run, you must first translate it from a human-readable form to something a machine can understand. That translation is done by a program called a compiler.

When you program in C++, you mainly go through 4 phases during development:

1. Code-- writing the program
2. Save-- saving the program
3. Compile--compiling via the terminal
4. Execute--executing via the terminal

There are two types of code comments in C++:

A single line comment will comment out a single line and is denoted with two forward slashes//preceding it:

(C++ code is shown with blue background. This is what you type into terminal)

// Prints "hi!" to the terminal

std::cout << "hi!"

You can also use a single line comment after a line of code:

std::cout << "hi!"; // Prints "hi!"

A multi-line comment will comment out multiple lines and is denoted with /*to begin the comment, and */to end the comment:

/* This is all commented (commented means it will not be shown. ie no comment).

std::cout << "hi!"; None of this is going to run! *//

Compile and execute (1st way):

g++ spell.cpp

Compile and execute (2nd way):
g++ spell.cpp -o spell

(The) touch (command) creates a new file inside the working directory. It takes in a filename as an argument, and then creates an empty file in the current working directory.

mk dir → makes a directory
pwd →outputs the name of the current working directory.
ls → lists all files and directories in the working directory.
cd → switches you into the directory you specify.
mkdir → creates a new directory in the working directory.
touch → creates a new file inside the working directory.

The command line is a text interface for the computer's operating system. To access the command line, we use the terminal.
A filesystem organizes a computer's files and directories into a tree structure. It starts with the root directory.
Each parent directory can contain more child directories and files.

Real programs tend to produce results based on some input that the user of the program give, rather than just outputting the same thing every time. To read something from the keyboard, we first need somewhere in the computer's memory to store data. There is where variables come in. A variable is simply a name that represents a particular piece of your computer's memory that has been set aside for you to store, retrieve, and use data.

int: integer numbers
double: floating point numbers
char: individual characters
string: sequence of characters
bool: true/false values

int age = 28; std::cout << "Hello, I am "; std::cout << age; std::cout << " years old\n";
int age = 28;

std::cout << "Hello, I am " << age << " years old\n";

This is called chaining.

.cpp variables
int main() {

int tip = 0;
std::cout << " Enter tip amount: ";
std::cin >> tip;
std::cout << " You paid " << tip << " dollars.\n ";}

$ gtt tip.cpp
bash: gtt: command not found
$ g++ tip.cpp
$ ./a.out
Enter tip amount: 5
You paid5dollars.
$ g++ tip.cpp
$ ./a.out
Enter tip amount: 5
You paid5dollars.
$ g++ tip.cpp
$ ./a.out
Enter tip amount: 5
You paid5dollars.

int main() {

double tempf;
double tempc;

// Ask the user
std::cout << "Enter the temperature in Fahrenheit: ";

std::cin >> tempf;

tempc = (tempf - 32) / 1.8;

std::cout << "The temp is " << tempc << " degrees Celsius.\n";}
  $ g++ initials.cpp
$ ./a.out
JJJJJJJ     M      M
   J        MM    MM
   J        M  MM  M
   J        M  MM  M
J  J        M      M
J  J        M      M
 JJ         M      M
$ g++ initials.cpp
$ ./a.out
   J      M M   M M
   J      M  M M  M
   J      M   M   M
J  J      M       M
J  J      M       M
 JJ       M       M

  JJJJJJJ    MM     MM
     J       MMM   MMM
     J       M  MMM  M
     J       M   M   M
J   J        M       M
J  J         M       M
 JJ          M       M

$ g++ initials.cpp
$ ./a.out
   J     M M   MM
   J     M  MM  M
   J     M  MM  M
J  J     M      M
J  J     M      M
 JJ      M      M
$ g++ initials.cpp
$ ./a.out
   J     M M   M M
   J     M  M M  M
   J     M   M   M
J  J     M       M
J  J     M       M
 JJ      M       M

     XO      XOXO     XOXO               
     XO      XO XO   XO XO                  
     XO      XO  XO XO  XO                
     XO      XO   XOX   XO                  
XO   XO      XO         XO             
XO   XO      XO         XO                 
 XOXOXO      XO         XO            

     J       M M     M M       
     J       M  M   M  M                          
     J       M   M M   M                          
 J   J       M    M    M                         
 J   J       M         M                        
 J   J       M         M                        
  JJJJ       M         M                        
        A A          S                 C                       I                I                     A A        R         R          T              
       A   A         S                 C                       I                I                    A   A       R         R          T                  
      A     A        S                 C                       I                I                   A     A      R        R           T
     A       A       SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS  C                       I                I                  A       A     RRRRRRRRR            T                   
    AAAAAAAAAAA                     S  C                       I                I                 AAAAAAAAAAA    R        R           T       
   A           A                    S  C                       I                I                A           A   R         R          T      
  A             A                   S  C                       I                I               A             A  R          R         T     

//I real life slay dragons

int main(){ 
  std::cout<<"JJJJJJJJJ   MM     MM\n";
  std::cout<<"    J       M M   M M\n";
  std::cout<<"    J       M  M M  M\n";
  std::cout<<"    J       M   M   M\n";
  std::cout<<"J   J       M       M\n";
  std::cout<<"J   J       M       M\n";
  std::cout<<" JJJ        M       M\n";
  return 0;
$ g++ initials.cpp
$ ./a.out